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  1. Prelief many ? 03/15/06 05:20 AM

    How often and how many do you take for bladder problems? I know what it says but do you take more? And how long does it take to feel it helps?
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    Love the name.:)
    I take Prelief according to directions, but have taken a few more at times.
    it is a vegetable calcium so it is pretty safe.
    I really have to watch the acid in my diet though.
    Prelief helps a bit , but if I eat too much acid or eat too many acidic foods in a row the prelief doesn't help much.
    I take marshmellow root with it, that helps to coat the lining of the intestines and bladder.
    The two together help a bit better.
    Glucosamine and Chondroitin and Quercetin ( bioflavanoid ) are all suppose to help rebuild the protective layer ( GAG layer) of the bladder.
    I hope this helps you a little.
    Oh yeah someone posted a great list of all the foods to stay away from, under the title I.C. and foods ( something to that effect.:)
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  3. It does really help. It will be kind of expensive to take, but well worth it. I paid $10.99 for a small bottle at Rite aid. Not too many places sell it.
  4. Only $8.84 at Walmart. It was marked 10.32 but rang up cheaper! It's behind the RX counter, you have to ask for it, she says alot of people use it.