Premature Menopause at age 24??-- Please Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hermione13, Oct 20, 2009.

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    To start off with, I am 24. I was diagnosed with fibro at age 14 and have had awful periods since I was 11. i started when i was 9. I was only recently diagnosed with endometriosis. Since May my periods have changed and I am beginning to notice new symptoms that seem to fit with premature menopause like temperature fluctuations, severe hair loss, chronic yeast infections, vaginal dryness, I also have had this weird irritation on the genetalia (not an STD, trust me I checked) and I have read that menopause can cause thinning of the skin, I also have bladder troubles (needing to go a lot). My periods have changed too since May 2009. They vary from month to month, I had one in July that was 3 days and my last period was 13 days long. My periods for the last 2 years have been 5-7 days longand have a good amount of clotting and the cycle is about 24 days. Now I am ranging from 16-30 days. I have had my thyroid tested and it was normal.

    Is this similiar to how you felt? I'm nervous about going to the doctor and asking them about this. I asked them about my hair loss being hormonal and I pretty much got a thats the way it is answer but to date no doctor will even look at my head to see how it is thinning. I feel like this has got to be a hormonal change. I want to be wrong because I would like to have children.

    It could also be Premature Ovarian failure.

    Please Help!! Is anyone going through the same thing. Any advice. What tests should I aks for?
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    This has nothing to do with CFS or FM. You need to find a doctor who will run hormone tests and get to the bottom of what is wrong. Something is definitely not right if you are only 24 years old. You need to get your TSH tested (thyroid). If nothing shows up there, you should get all hormones tested. If your GP won't help you, you need to find a doctor who will.
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    You poor girl! I'm so sorry to hear of all of your suffering. It is becoming more common for 20 year olds to start perimenopause and women who are chronically ill often experience early perimeno and menopaust but I doubt your doctor will be one that agrees with that. The best Website and Message Board for Perimeno and Meno is

    The thing is, hormones can exacerbate XMRV so you'll want to get tested for that first before trying the Birth Control Pill or any hormones. Your symptoms do sound like they could be PCOS and I pray they are not but I think you should get tested for that right away.

    I have found PMS tea and menopause teas to be somewhat helpful to me. You can get them online if your local health food store doesn't have them.

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    Chances are that all of your problems are not related to premature menopause. You can start developing these perimenopause symptoms in your mid to late 30s, though.

    You sound like you need a very good gynecologist. You need to give this doc your complete history, all of your problems that you told us, and ask for some lab work to check out all of your hormone levels, etc.

    A gyno might also want to do a D&C to eliminate your endometriosis. It will cause you a lot of pelvic pain as well as spread to some of your other organs if you let it go for a long time. I know that this happened to my oldest daughter.

    And ... if you think it might also be premature ovarian failure, there must be a reason to suspect this. So that is why it's even more important to see a gyno. If you were not satisfied with the last one you went to, find another one and make an appointment.

    You should also make a trip to your primary care physician to discuss your temperature fluctuations, severe hair loss, chronic yeast infections, vaginal dryness and irritation, and your bladder problems. All of these symptoms could be as a result of diabetes. I am a diabetic and a few of these problems are definite diabetic symptoms--the chronic yeast infections, needing to urinate often, etc. Please see your doc and get some testing done for diabetes. This is something you can not fool around with if you should have it--you need to know one way or another.

    Please make those appointments soon. I worry about you. You need that medical attention soon.

    Take care,
  5. gb66

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    I just looked up polycystic ovarian syndrome on Google and some of the symptoms are as you described. Go there and read up on it and make an appointment with your ob/gyn. I think this can be treated. Let us know what you find out. Hope you feel better soon. This is just one option to check out. GB66

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