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    How does one keep herself/himself from becoming addicted to pain meds when it seems (for me anyway) to be the only thing that relieves my achiness and keeps me feeling half way human. I feel so irritable and depressed and then I take a pill and feel normal again. I dont feel high from them, they just make me feel normal. It scares the --- out of me.......
    I was diagnosed with FM a year ago and felt a little better at first knowing there was a reason for why I always felt so wierd. I've been on Zoloft for over a year and it has made a difference in my moods somewhat but.......
    this FM thing really is hard...It's not just physical with's alot of mental too.....what a bummer......
    Bummed out in Denver, Amy
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    I take a lot of different meds, some for depression and mood disorders, but some also for pain. The only thing I take on a semi-regular basis for pain is hydrocodone.

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to end up hooked on pain meds, but I think as long as it doesn't increase in dosage, I'm OK. Does any 1 know if that's a valid belief? I just want to be comfprtable and be able to function.

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    is what works for me too........doesnt make me stupid and high, but helps me feel normal and controls this dang back pain I have.......I dont take a big does, just half a pill or sometimes a whole pill......but how do you get more of this? Will your DR prescribe it?
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    I also take prescription pain medication and have worried about addiction off and on. What I have read and heard from doctors is that it is rare for chronic pain patients to become addicted to pain medication because they are not taking it to get high. You can build up a tolerance and you can become physically dependent on it, but my feeling is that if it helps me live a more normal life - I'm ok with it.

    I've have had Fibro for more than 10 years and it was difficult in the first few years to get used to taking so much medication. I had been one of those people who never took ANYTHING! And now I take six different meds daily, sometimes multiple times a day. But, I did get used to it when I realized it greatly increased the quality of my life.

    My advice is to use the medication wisely and it will help you live your life. Don't beat yourself up about it and continue to educate yourself about this disease. Also, give yourself time, time to get used to having a chronic disease. Be easy with yourself.

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    comforting words. They mean more than you know. It's hard living a day to day life with the rest of the world sometimes. Because they forget that I'm not the same as they are and that's ok with me really.........but I sometimes am too hard on myself I suppose. I'm just scared......the pain meds are the only thing that help me and I dont even know if my doctor will give me any or not......It's such a horrible feeling when you know you dont feel normal. the achiness, the moods swings, the anxiety, the depression.........sigh, I could go on and on..
    But I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I refuse to give into this DD..........I work hard everyday physically. I'm a receiving mgr and do alot of physical work daily......I try to keep up......
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    I know it is hard. I have insomnia and anxiety. In order to sleep I must take Restoril at night which makes me sleep later but it also controls my anxiety the next day.

    I know it may not sound like a problem, but it really does bother me. I want to be like normal people and go to sleep myself.

    Having to take pain meds means dealing with the physical side effects which can be unpleasant. Yes you can develop tolerance which means you have to take more meds to get the same effect.

    That happened to me when I took MS Contin. It completely took away my pain but after a few months it started wearing off 3-4 hours early. (not to mention the unpleasant side effects of rashes, nausea, no appetite, constip., etc.) I would get very irritable and the doctor told me it was because I was having withdrawals and my body was asking for more.

    I was so afraid, I can't begin to explain.

    I had vowed when I started it I would not increase the dose, so when that happened, I had to get off it completely.

    I don't know what pain meds you are on, but if it is opiates and you ever want to stop them, you can find a doctor to give you a drug called Subutex.

    I went from MS Contin to Subutex and stayed on the Subutex which has controlled my fibro. Subutex is used to get off opiates without withdrawals, however it also helps pain.

    There is no high feeling at all from it, but somehow it really helps my fibro. I have been on it a year now.

    When you read about it, it sounds like a bad drug because they use it for heroin addicts as well as people getting off opiates. The reason many doctors don't prescribe it, or even know about it is they have to be specially licensed to prescribe it, and mostly addiction specialist doctors use it.

    I know it is mental when you have fibro, how can it not affect us mentally? I will say, the Subutex along with Tylenol stopped my achiness. On a rare occasion I take 1/2 Ultram but that is very rare.

    What I like about Subutex is there is much fewer side effects that you get with meds like Vicoden. Also, you never, (really) develop tolerance with it. They actually say more is less. Somehow the way it works.

    I have been it over a year and have never spent a day in bed again with a flare since starting it.

    It just isn't commonly used to treat pain so even if you ask your regular doctor about it, they might not know about it, or be willing to prescribe it.

    My doctor here in California has several fibro patients on Subutex. I have asked him about stopping it and he reminds me how sick I was before and that I would just need a regular pain med if I stopped it.

    He is right.... its just that I always want to be normal again.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. Hope you are feeling better soon. You are not alone in feeling down, I understand.

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    weird...i knew something was wrong mood wise etc...but didn't know whjy for many i know and i sat to heck to people if they don't want to understand why i can't do something when they are ready to do it...

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    addicition: when you take a med to feel "high" and not for it's intended purpose

    dependancy: Taking meds for the intended purpose and having them work.

    We will become dependant on our meds to feel normal, that is not the same as being addicted or abusing meds. There is no shame in having to take prescription pain meds.

    If you take them like you are supposed to then there is no probelm. If you stop taking a regularly prescribed med you may experience some withdrawl symptoms...that doesn't mean you were "addicted" it just means thats a side effect of stopping the med.

    In my mind we are in so much pain all the time and have to try so much harder to have normal lives and feel normal that if you need pain meds then take them...