Prescriptions for sleep relief?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jp24, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. jp24

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    Has anyone tried or knows someone who has tried the new "Ambien CR" I've seen advertised on TV? It is supposed to have a continuous release feature that not only helps you to fall asleep but reduces incidence of waking through the night. I have horrible trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep. At the moment I'm on Lunesta, but I am waking up every hour or so. I'd appreciate any advice or info.! Thanks!
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    hi jp
    if you do take anything for sleep relief then please check with your gp first in the uk we have nytol but they dont tell you that its addictive.

    the problems you speak of are a major symptom of fibromyalgia. i have amitriptyline but i only take it at night, i have 50mg which knocks me out quite nicely but unfortunatly i still get the unrefreshed feeling in the morning.

    watch what you have for supper, dont have tea coffee or chocolate before bed and alcohol can keep ppl awake.

    look at your mattress and pillows think carefully, do you have a pillow for your knees, even if you lie on your back it kames all the difference.

    work on relaxation techniques, i imagine white sands warm sun gentle breeze and a hammock, the hammock sways with my breathing and im off :)
    have a bedtime routine and stick to it.
    all the best smiffy.
  3. fivesue

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    to the article on page one, and then I realized you posted that article.

    Again, thank you for doing that. I haven't tried Ambien CR, but I have tried Lunesta and it didn't work at all! I was waking every hour or so also. I mentioned that I have found a mix now that seems to help...half an Ambien and a Benedryl.

    Sure does help to sleep. I do hope you get a solution soon.

  4. fivesue

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    You didn't post the article! Where is my brain? (-: Read the article on Article about Sleep Meds or something like that. It tells much about the common sleep meds. Renae posted it.

    Hope it helps you.


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