President Bush treated for Lyme disease

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    President Treated For Lyme Disease

    Aug 8, 2007 02:13 PM EDT

    WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush was successfully treated for Lyme disease nearly a year ago, the White House announced Wednesday. The condition had never been revealed until the White House on Wednesday made public the results of his annual physical exam. They said that he was treated for what they called "early, localized Lyme disease" last August after developing the characteristic bullseye rash, and that it did not recur. Lyme disease is a common tick-borne infection that if left untreated can cause arthritis and other problems. The president's main form of exercise and recreational activity is mountain biking, which could bring him in contact with ticks.

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    Maybe Mr Bush will jump right on the task of getting the CDC to admit that Lyme is a problem in the USA. Probably not since it was treated early and "cured".

    I wonder where he got the tick bite? On his ranch in Texas where they don't get Lyme?

    In Missouri they are calling it Master's disease after Dr. Edwin Masters. The CDC says it's a "lyme-like" condition because it's a different strain B lonestari transmitted by Lone Star Ticks and not B burgdorferi found in deer ticks.

    Dr Masters tracked hundreds of patients and published many articles. I believe the latest one was accepted into the CID journal.

    Title: "Lyme-Like Illness Currently Deserves Lyme-Like Treatment"
    Author(s): Edwin J. Masters
    Identifiers Clinical Infectious Diseases, volume 42 (2006), pages 580–581
    DOI: 10.1086/500018
    PubMed ID: 16421811

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    I bet we were posting at the same time!!
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    Hey there girl!!

    Let's wait a few years and keep an eye out for Mr.Bush to see if he gets some mysterious illness. Not that I'm wishing it to happen, I wouldn't wish this on anyone! But it would be interesting wouldnt it? Would they figure it out?

    No, he couldn't have gotten it on the Ranch because there ain't no lyme in Texas! Or Illinios either!

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    I was taking a bath earlier and told my husband about this. We said the same thing. Let's see what happens in six months. It will be curious to see what kind of treatment he'll get. Will he go to a LLMD?

    All these years they've said we can't elect a woman to office because she might push the button and start a war due to PMS. What rubish! A president with neuroborrelia is something I'd worry about.
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    This is what our President of Mich lyme board says:

    "In all seriousness if you read the article and the problems he is dealing with like dizziness, ear infections, hearing loss, disorientation, a viral infection this past June. It does make me wonder if he was treated long enough or is this just the start of other problems that haven't cropped up yet. I guess only time will tell. Whoever treated him has told him to start using bug spray and to start wearing long pants and such. I'm sure at some point we will find out who treated him and what drugs he was given and for how long."

    Very interesting! I remember the ear issues. Wonder if it is related?

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    And it is pretty scary. Could you imagine running the country with lyme brain???

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    if it was a re-occurence/reinfection... I wonder if you already have it, but are bitten again by an infected tick, is it remotely possible to get a bulls-eye rash?

    given his propensity anyway for stuttering, losing his train of thought, mis-use of words, word-finding problems, etc... sounds a lot like Lyme anyway. Maybe he's had it all along... could explain a lot. That is the really scary thing to think about!


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    The woman who was featured on Mystery Diagnosis got a bullseye rash after she was bitten again when she already had lyme, so I it seems that is possible!

    Our state's lyme association is jumping at this opportunity to get coverage now that we know the pres has lyme.

    We are having a fund raiser on Sept 22 and are trying to get news coverage.

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    White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said it is "not uncommon" for Bush to get tick bites during his frequent bike rides. He said the president noticed he had a small rash in a "localized area" of his body last August and had it treated by his doctors. "It's been resolved," said Stanzel. "He's had no reoccurrence and no other symptoms."

    Asked why the White House kept it quiet for so long, Stanzel said it occurred after the details of the president's 2006 physical exam were released and officials did not believe it was serious enough to be revealed until this year's annual report.
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    and that latest report also said he had a "flu-like illness" --their words! in June that kept him from some of the meetings of the Big 8 in June...