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    I just got an e-mail from Dr. Nicolson's website and wanted to share it with you. I think this book is going to expose a lot of the conspiracies which people have been trying to get out to the public for decades. Dr. Nicolson lived with the threats while trying to find the real cause of Gulf War Illness. In the process, he found more than he bargained for. I'm glad the truth is getting out. Dr. Nicolson is another hero of mine, along with his wife, for all they have been through and endured to help us. The mycoplasma infection he found in GWI is rampant in people with our illnesses. This book promises to read better than any mystery novel.

    Love, Mikie



    Huntington Beach, CA
    January 27, 2005

    The Institute for Molecular Medicine ( announces that its recently published book Project Day Lily, is already the No. 3 quarterly royalty earning book published by Xlibris Corporation, a subsidiary of Random House. Project Day Lily is based on the events surrounding "Gulf War Syndrome” suffered by over 200,000 veterans (and tens of thousands dead) without proper acknowledgment or treatment to keep secret the origin of their illnesses.

    This is the true story of the discovery of a biological agent in veterans’ blood by two American scientists as part of a massive testing program in the military and prisons and how various academic and government employees did everything in their power to keep this information secret.

    Their discovery has allowed patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and other fatiguing and autoimmune diseases to finally find an effective treatment for their conditions.

    The events described are true, and the scientific principles discussed in the book and have been documented in the authors’ publications, reports and sworn testimony to Presidential Commissions and committees of the U. S. Congress.

    Some comments on the book:

    Being a health professional for 40 years, I have always held scientific research and discovery in respect. However, since personally experiencing the ravages of a chronic Mycoplasma infection, receiving help and guidance from the Nicolsons over the past 10 years and in turn helping others, I now have a slightly different perspective. The Nicolsons are great storytellers of intrigue and menace in the scientific research world.

    Breaking the mold of traditional suspense novels, Project Day Lily is based on fact--many facts of which I can attest. The book is simultaneously intelligent and believable. It is intricately layered with remarkable research and detail from the opening pages to the conclusion.  It is a fascinating, absorbing, eye-opening page-turner. Project Day Lily has alerted me of the danger that public policy could easily become the captive of the scientific technologically elite. I suspect that it may be happening more than any of us would want to know. And God help those of us who are unsuspecting victims!
    Sharon Briggs, M.S.N., R.N., Mycoplasma Support, Shasta CFIDS
    In "Project Day Lily" the Nicolsons tell their personal saga that is intertwined with major events and forces in recent American history. This linear narrative testifies about the strength of authors' perceptions and convictions. It is also a story of transformation of a couple of scientists into advocates for causes that they believe in so deeply.
    Stanimir Vuk-Pavlovic, Ph.D., Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mayo Clinic Graduate School

    I received the very first draft and read it with increasing amazement as I was going along. I knew Garth Nicolson from his days at the Salk Institute and knew he was (is) of sound mind. The implications, medical and political, of what is revealed in "Project Day Lily" are major. If you are interested in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, or the problems of our Veterans with Gulf War Syndrome, you will want to read this book, think, and wonder.
    Roger Guillemin, M.D., Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Nobel Laureate in Medicine, The Salk Institute

    During the first Gulf Conflict, Operation Desert Storm, nearly every level of government, the military, and the American people assumed that Iraq had completely failed to deploy or initiate the use of biological weapons. Leading up to the war, I directed the military component of a joint biological detection project with scientists from Stanford Research Institute. At the conclusion of the combat, even after being presented with evidence that suggested biological agents had indeed found their way to the battlefield, I dismissed the reports of Gulf War Illness. 

    That is, until soldiers in my command and their families developed illnesses that could only be attributed to their service in the Gulf or their association with people and material that had been returned from Iraq. In my search for the truth, I met Dr. Garth Nicolson. He was a lone, and much maligned, voice in the quest for a cure. Project Day Lily is a riveting and profound essay on what really happened.  It’s time the public knew.
    Gerald Schumacher, Colonel, U.S. Army Special Forces (ret)

    Project Day Lily
    Released: October 2005
    Authors: Garth L. Nicolson, Ph.D. and Nancy L. Nicolson, Ph.D.
    ISBN: 1-4134-8519-7 (hard cover); ISBN: 1-4134-8518-9 (soft cover)
    Publisher: Xlibris Inc., 3 International Plaza, Philadelphia, PA 19113.
    Toll Free Tel orders: 1-888-795-4274. Fax: 1-610-915-0294.
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    When I come to this board I keep a pen & paper close by for just this purpose. I am so thankful for all the knowledge & support that I find here! Have you read this book? I am ordering it today! Hugs, Tam
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    Thanks, Mikie....My sister-in-law lives in Huntington Beach. I may call her and see what she knoew about the organization.

    Sounds hopeful in a very depressing time for me. Thank you again.

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    I haven't read it yet. The Red Tide is still with us and I'm staying inside with my air filters running. I can barely breathe out there.

    If it weren't for my reading about Dr. Nicolson's work and following his protocol, I would still be sick with the mycoplasma infection. On two occasions, he answered questions himself by e-mail within 24 hrs. of my asking.

    I'll bet those of us who read the book will have a lot to post about here. If we do have a book club here, this would be an excellent first read.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have always felt that we have reason for alarm in terrorist attacks from with in our own borders.
    call me paranoid but I've been concerned for many years even before Desert Storm .(I am a military wife retired)
    Those who hate Americans could work in our factory's and places of water and food distributions and put things into our supplies that would affect us in a slow way, as not to be discovered til many years later after it affected hundreds of thousands of Americans.
    I have written letters about Agent Orange ,Desert Storm Illnesses,and CFS/FM to Congress way before I came down with CFS/FM.I've seen to many soldiers die from cancers related to agent orange that the government does not acknowledge.
    Hopefully this book will enlighten those who have the power and courage to not walk away from us and we can find help for all of these DD.I will buy the book
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    The saddest thing of all is that, in all probability, it is our own govt. who has unleashed this Pandora's box of illnesses upon us. That is why there has been so much effort to cover it up. Those who have "smelled a rat" have been written off as paranoid conspiratists but there are too many who know what happened. Dr. Nicolson and his wife have been targets of the coverup scheme and I am glad they are coming forth to shed some light on things.

    "We have seen the enemy and they are us."
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    Mikie, I do not think our Government intentionally inflicted these things on us. If we hold them accountable it should be for turning their heads away and not investigating things better for a cure.I would like them to also look into the vaccine's we took as kids at the lots in different parts of the country to see if any of these DD are related to certain parts of the country more offten.I think that we could have been given something that has affected certain people with these Genes they are talking about.
    It would be interesting for me to know how many of the kids I went to grade school with are showing up with similar problems like mine.
    But because this DD is worldwide I don't believe we have been the only ones to blame for everyone's illness.I do believe we should take responsibility to find a cure or at the least a treatment.
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    I often wondered about that, too.

    My husband was in the military (just retired last year) during Desert Storm, and flew many cargo missions into the Middle East....Saudi, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, etc. He was over there, every other 30 days, from 8/1991-3/1993. I noticed my first symptoms in mid-1994.

    His service likely has nothing to do with my FMS, but I guess there's always that teeny-tiny voice in my head that says it's still kind'a coincidental.

    Interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

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    ...and let us not also forget those red blooded americans like Tim McVeigh too. Look at all the people we live right next door to who harm others. There are plenty of supremacy groups here in the usa who mean us all great harm.

    I think this book looks very good. I will definately read it.

    BUT I am absolutely not going to be lured by the powers that be(no matter which leaning) to think that we all have to live in fear all the time. I do not like these fear factors creeping into our lives. Fear creates fear-as it was said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

    However, I strongly believe that as citizens of the earth, we must all find true knowledge, as true knowledge creates a free and democratic world. We need to be well informed so we can make good choices, and ultimately, chose good leaders.

    People like the good doctor are very crucial to people like us, as we need the truth.

    Oh and Wake, for your question, on one of the islands we were going to move to, in the Puget sound, there was a large air/navy base. Many of the service personnel had been in the gulf war. Interestingly, there were 45 children in the tiny school district with varying degrees of autism they discovered. These were kids born after the war, and were getting into K and 1st/2nd grades. Also look at Brick township in NJ. Same type of deal. I only know about the autism, but I bet there is a ton of FM/CFS too.

    Love Anne C
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    I have been researching this govt. involvement for five years and I am convinced that our govt. has been involved in developing biological warfare, testing it on civilians, and covering up the fact that their project got away from them. I am not saying all the problems in the world are a result of our govt.'s involvement but for decades, our govt. and quasi-govt. entities have experimented without informed consent.

    A well-documented case was in the 1950's just up the coast from me. Fed. govt. came in and convinced the local govt. that spraying for some mosquito problem would benefit the area and help with research. Turns out that there was absolutely no mosquit problem and soon after the spraying, there was a cluster outbreak of CFIDS.

    It has also been documented that prisoners in Texas were the subjects of experiments which triggered illnesses like ours. Even some of the experimenters got sick. This is also well documented.

    A doctor with ties to the defense dept. holds a patent on the mycoplasma bacterium which is believed to be the most virulent strain. Researchers now say that it didn't mutate on its own but was biologically engineered. Whenever anyone works for a govt. or corporation, he or she does not own patents. They belong to whomever is paying the salaries of the researchers. It is highly irregular for such a scientist to own the patent. It is likely that no one in charge wanted to be associated with this bacterium. I've seen copies of the patent.

    There is so much more than this, but I mention these things only to suggest that there is definitely govt. involvement and coverup. Perhaps no one intended to make so many people sick, but anyone knows that when you start to experiment on humans that there is great risk. There is simply too much evidence to ignore.

    When I first discovered that my own govt. was involved in this, I sobbed. I know it is extremely difficult to believe our own govt. could do such things. Denial is easier for us than to question the very foundation of our govt. Still, we need to get to the truth. I think this brave book will help us do that. The work the Nicolsons have done has not been without personal risk to them.

    I just got a copy of a somewhat related subject and will post it here. I have not authenticated it but if it is true, I cannot understand why it is not being discussed on the TV news shows.

    Love, Mikie

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    I don't know about carriers but I do know that many families of GWI Vets have become ill, even including their pets. Mycoplasma infections usually have an active state where they seem to be easily passed to others, like a cold. Then, the infection goes chronic. Some may harbor the infection deep in the body without symptoms and other become chronically ill.

    In my case, I was very sick for months and it left me crippled. I eventually got better but have never been the same since. I do not believe I could casually pass the illness at this point, but I do not share eating utensils with my grandson and I am very careful about washing my hands. Dr. Nicolson just wrote to answer my question about whether we can ever really get rid of the bacteria in our bodies, even after years of ABX. He replied that cysts (like with Lyme) can live deep in body tissues and reactivate later on.

    My guess is that a "carrier" is simply someone who no longer shows symptoms of the infection but could pass it on with intimate contact. Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have not authenticated this, so I cannot vouch for its accuracy. I need to do more reading. If anyone else can help to discover whether it is true, I would appreciate the help.

    Love, Mikie


    Waxman and Boxer Release Report on Human Pesticide Experiments
    Committee on Government Reform Minority Office
    Thursday 16 June 2005
    Rep. Waxman and Senator Barbara Boxer released a report this morning that finds significant and widespread ethical violations in human pesticide experiments currently under review by the EPA.
    The report finds that these controversial experiments, in which participants were intentionally dosed with toxic pesticides, appear to have routinely violated ethical standards by failing to obtain informed consent, dismissing adverse outcomes, and inflicting harm on human subjects.
    In one experiment under EPA review, human subjects were exposed to MITC, a dangerous pesticide closely related to the chemical that killed thousands in Bhopal, India, in 1984. In another, human subjects - mostly college students and minorities paid $15 per hour - were placed in a chamber with chloropicrin, an active ingredient in tear gas, for up to one hour at a time for four consecutive days. In some experiments, subjects were instructed to swallow capsules of pesticides with orange juice or water at breakfast.
    The report also finds that the adverse health effects of these studies were downplayed. In one study, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, coughing, and rashes experienced by study participants dosed with azinphos-methyl for nearly a month were dismissed as having been caused by "viral illness," "ward conditions," or diet. Human subjects were often inadequately notified of about the health risks of participating in experiments. In one experiment in which subjects were exposed to dimethoate, a pesticide that EPA considers a neurotoxicant and suspected carcinogen, the consent form stated that the chemical is "used to protect or cure" plants and that "not a single health effect is expected."
    The Bush Administration reversed a moratorium on human pesticide experiments at the urging of the pesticide industry. EPA justified the move on the grounds that such studies are "available, relevant, and appropriate." The review released today by Rep. Waxman and Sen. Boxer shows the opposite: the experiments being considered by EPA are deeply flawed.
    Executive Summary
    Reversing a moratorium established by the Clinton Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency under the Bush Administration is reviewing or plans to review over 20 studies that intentionally dosed human subjects with pesticides. The pesticides administered to human subjects in these experiments include "highly hazardous" poisons, suspected carcinogens, and suspected neurotoxicants. The studies, most of which were submitted to EPA by pesticide manufacturers, appear to routinely violate ethical standards.
    The testing of pesticides on humans is controversial. Unlike pharmaceutical products, pesticides are designed to be toxic. And unlike pharmaceutical studies, experiments that expose human subjects to doses of pesticides offer no promise of therapeutic benefit to the subjects. For these reasons, former EPA Administrator Carol Browner implemented a moratorium in 1998 on considering or relying upon human pesticide experiments.
    At the urging of pesticide manufacturers, the Bush Administration reversed this moratorium. Although the Administration's first EPA Administrator, Christie Todd Whitman, tried at one point to maintain a moratorium on agency consideration of human pesticide experiments, this effort was abandoned by the Administration after she resigned and a court ruling identified procedural defects in her actions. Under its new permissive policy, EPA has stated that "the Agency is reviewing ... or expects to review" 24 separate human pesticide experiments as part of its "hazard characterization" process. The pesticide manufacturers view EPA consideration of these experiments as central to the industry's efforts to obtain lenient regulatory standards.
    At the request of Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Henry A. Waxman, this report evaluates 22 of the 24 human pesticide experiments submitted to EPA. The report assesses whether the experiments comply with the ethical and scientific requirements for research involving human subjects, including the standards in the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki, the "Common Rule" that guides medical research in the United States, and a recent report on human pesticides studies by the National Academy of Sciences. The two remaining experiments submitted to EPA could not be reviewed in this report because they were not provided by the agency.
    The report finds significant and widespread deficiencies in the 22 human pesticide experiments being reviewed by EPA. In violation of ethical standards, the experiments appear to have inflicted harm on human subjects, failed to obtain informed consent, dismissed adverse outcomes, and lacked scientific validity.
    The Report Finds:
    Human testing of hazardous substances. The experiments deliberately exposed human subjects to dangerous pesticides, such as organophosphates, which were developed in the 1930s for use in nerve gas, and methyl isothiocyanate, which is closely related to the chemical that killed thousands in Bhopal, India. In one experiment, human subjects were placed in a chamber with vapors of chloropicrin, an active ingredient in tear gas, at levels substantially greater than the federal exposure limit, causing some subjects to experience "severe" adverse effects. An older experiment administered the pesticide carbofuran to human subjects for the explicit objective of determining "the minimum dose necessary to induce toxic effects (e.g. headache, nausea, and vomiting)." In many of the experiments, the subjects were instructed to swallow capsules of toxic pesticides with orange juice or water at breakfast.

    Serious deficiencies in informed consent. The informed consent forms used in the experiments do not appear to meet ethical standards. Some used complex jargon that participants would be unlikely to understand. Others failed to disclose the potential risks involved. One experiment exposed subjects to dimethoate, a pesticide that EPA considers a suspected carcinogen, a developmental toxicant, and a neurotoxicant. Yet the informed consent form failed to mention these or any other potential health effects, stating instead that the chemical is "used to protect or cure all kinds of plants" and that "not a single health effect is expected." The informed consent forms for other experiments repeatedly referred to the pesticide as a "drug," potentially giving the test subject the false impression that the experiment was for a pharmaceutical product. In some of the experiments, there may not even have been any attempt to obtain informed consent.

    Unethical liability waivers. The Common Rule governing medical research provides expressly that "[n]o informed consent ... may ... waive or appear to waive any of the subject's legal rights." Contrary to this requirement, the informed consent forms used in some experiments include explicit waivers of liability. For example, the consent form for the chloropicrin experiment states that the sponsor would not pay "any ... form of compensation if you are injured" other than medical costs.

    Questionable scientific validity. According to the National Academy of Sciences, "a study cannot be ethically acceptable if it is scientifically invalid." Yet in many of the experiments that exposed human subjects to harmful pesticides, the number of human subjects involved was too small to provide reliable results. Three of the experiments had just six subjects. One study had a single subject.

    Questionable interpretation of results. One experiment dosed eight subjects with the pesticide azinphos-methyl for 28 days, with all eight of the subjects reporting multiple adverse health effects, including headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, coughing, and rashes. In the written report of the experiment, the researchers discounted these events, attributing them variously to "viral illness," "ward conditions," or diet. Other studies similarly dismissed unfavorable experimental outcomes.

    Failure to conduct long-term monitoring. Exposure to many of the pesticides used in the experiments can cause long-term health effects, but the studies examined only the short-term impacts on the human subjects. In 14 of the studies, there was no medical follow up after the first 24 hours after the completion of the experiment. The Bush Administration has justified the decision to accept human pesticide experiments by arguing that such studies are "available, relevant, and appropriate." In fact, this review shows the opposite: the actual experiments being considered by EPA are deeply flawed and rife with ethical violations.
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    Some days I find myself agreeing with too many things that you guys have to say. What do they say..Do not discuss religion or politics. Well I am going to do both. Please don't let me offend anyone. These are JUST my thoughts & God bless anyone who disagrees with me, because that is your right & I take no offense.

    First..I believe that money is the root of all evil. And I am sad to say, but I feel our own government falls into this trap. That is all I am going to say about that, let your imagination take you the rest of the way. BUT, I love my country, and I am proud to be an American. That doesn't mean that I always agree with the choices that the "powers that be" make. I'm just not talking about the President, because we all know that he doesn't have complete power.

    Make no mistake about this- I ALWAYS support our troops!

    Second.. the book of Revelations tells us clearly of what is to come. I believe that Governments will be involved. Just my belief! I also believe that the person that will be in control at that time will gain trust, power & control.

    Third..About the terrorist (sp?) I'm having a tough time with spelling today. What is the easiest way for a terrorist to come into our Country? I think it is the Mexican borders. That is why I support border control. They have threatened to strike us close to home, and I believe that they are here & doing just that.

    I do not know what causes this dd. I think it could be the fact that nutrition is lacking due to improper soil care & nutrients, fertilizers, pesticides etc. I also think that immune systems are lacking due to this. But part of me also wonders about terrorist, snd if our government would even admit to biochemical warfare if it were happening here.

    Just my thoughts! BIG HUGS, Tam
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    In the mid 1990's I attended a conference that Dr. Nicolson spoke at. He was escorted in with police and bodygaurds and then after speaking he was escorted out. We were not allowed to ask him any questions.

    What he had to say about the cover-up, whisking away people who were going to expose things, getting info stopped before someone talked to congressional people----it was all so scary that our government was so nefarious. ( I hope no one comes after me for saying that.)

    Besides the coverups he spoke about the treatments he was doing for the vets, the successes and failures. Treatment mostly at that time involved pulsing tetracycline every 6 weeks for a year or more.

    Anyway after he was safely out of the building, his wife continued the lecture and some questions were allowed and others she would not answer.

    I was very impressed with his knowledge and how his heart was really in his work. His family got Gulf War syndrome, brought home by his daughter being over there in the service. I hope I remembered this right. I didn't read everything above the post so you may have said this.

    I believe and trust what he has to say and I am glad to know he is still trying to educate the public about what is going on. Thanks for your posts and I will read more when I have more time tonight. E.
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    I beleave there is a cover up.By whom I have alot of thoughts on that.I want to get a couple things out there for thought.
    I was at a very large military convention where when we were checking out people were in line with fevers and headaces and some so sick they could not stand up.People pushed it off as a flu just going around.I Questioned it then and even more now.
    I also have been to other countrys where I was with large groups of Amercians and it seem like people got sick very quick.
    What about all the stories on ships where people get sick.
    I traveled at one time on air planes alot and I would feel find when I'd get on but by the time I landed I would be very sick with flu like symptoms.
    Remember the stories about Hotels haveing some kind of break out and people died at some of the conventions?
    Well ,who's to say that all of those things may be an example as to how people have been infected.Either water,food or Air quality ?
    We just brush things off and I don't think its impossible .We are targets for anything in this country because we have been so trusting.
    Lots to think about with this thread but how does anyone prove anything?
    I beleave if we help our Vet's ,they will help us ,The Truth will come out, but will we beleave it or not?Our Government is all we have to count on to help us find a cure or treatment I would rather trust our's then anyone else(I hope that doesnt offend anyone)

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    What is the "red tide"

    And how can the gulf snydrome, and chemically war fare that makes soldiers sick; relate to little old ordinary people that never go any where?

    I know, probably a ignorant question, or "read the Book" question!!LOL
  17. findmind

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    Thanks for posting the press release.

    I posted first about this book...I want kudos, please!!! lOL

    Anyhow, everyone, you must read it! You will be amazed!

    I think Hillary Johnson's book "Osler's Web" is very important to read also. She was the first to expose the "engineered" bacterias, viruses, etc., including aids, and she has the government documents thru the Freedom of Information Act to prove her allegations.

    Drs Nancy and Garth Nicolson are true medical heroes, investigating the true cause of Gulf War Illness (GWI) and CFS at great personal expense and extreme danger to their very lives.

    My only criticism of the book is that they were so naive and seemed unable to conceive the danger they were (and probably still are) in.

    The Question of the Day is: WHO is Dr. Nancy Nicholson?????

    Read the book, and make your best guess!...Winner gets to be cured!

    Love it...
  18. Mikie

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    First, our govt. has been involved in biological warfare since before many of us were born. Governments always justify their research by saying we need to know what the enemy might be doing and we'll do it first so if they do it, we'll know what we are dealing with. When I say "govt.", I'm not referring to any one administration or person.

    How did the Gulf War Vets get sick with mycoplasma infections from bacteria not found in nature? One theory is that they were used to experiment on. I, personally do not believe this but, considering the past record of experimenting on unsuspecting civilians, it's possible. I think their exposure was accidental, probably from contaminated vaccines. Mycoplasma contamination is evidently not that rare from what I have read.

    Another possibility is that because too many vaccines were given in too short a time, the vets' immune systems were overloaded. A lot of attention has been focused on the anthrax vaccine as the one being contaminated. If a soldier's immune system were overloaded with vaccines, exposure to mycoplasmas would almost ensure infection.

    Whether I agree or disagree with the reasons for the wars we have engaged in, my thoughts and prayers are with the soldiers. That is why I believe it is a disgrace that when they come home ill, whether it be from Agent Orange or GWI, our govt. stonewalls and won't admit there is a real illness. They deserve better than that.

    I love our country, as do many who openly disagree with what our govt. does. It is because I love our country and believe that all our citizens, especially those who serve and risk their lives, deserve the truth that I have been researching our history of biological warfare experiments and coverups.

    Finally, yes, Findmind--it was you who mentioned Dr. Nicolson's book first. I was in no way trying to steal your thunder and kudos. I was simply trying to share the info which came to me personally from Dr. Nicolson's org. I am grateful to you for telling us that the book is out. The e-mail came to me yesterday. I have not posted the contents of the e-mail itself because there was a link to this press release, which has more info on the book.

    Thank you all for participating in this discussion. It is an important discussion, albeit, a difficult one for many. Oh, and BTW, Red Tide is a red algae which occurs naturally in the Gulf of Mexico and in some places, along the Atlantic. Because I am just minutes from the beach, every time there is an outbreak, the spores, which wash up on shore, dry and are carried inland and I am affected. No one knows why the algae overblooms to the point that it becomes a health risk. I am still hacking but I have to go out today and I definitely want to buy the book. I'll just have to suck on my inhaler and take a Sudafed.

    Love, Mikie

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    And when it came up, one of the "specials" that was underneath the offer was 'Project Day Lily' paired with 'Lab 257' (how Lyme got loose from a research island off New York). It's another good book to read -- certainly shows a consistant pattern, although I need to remember to keep my anger in check when I read them.
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    Red tide, it sounds like some sci-fy book, or movie,

    Have you ever tried a mask? May help, if you don't mind how you look!