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    Just wondering if anyone has a pressure in their ears when they have muscle pain in their shoulders.
    I sat at a pinic over the weekend and my whole spine was sore from sitting on the picnic table to long.
    now my muscle right on the top of my shoulders are all swollen and my ears feel full.just wodering if anyone else has ever had this problem.also having headaches during the middle of the night.from these neck muscles.
    this is one of my main complaints is the neck and shoulder pain and I know many others have this also,just would like to know how other people cope with this. Thanks Sixtyslady.
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    yes, i have this or something in my ears but not all the time. I also have a lot of Neck and shoulder/arm and spine problems. Recently, i decided to do a bit of weeding in the yard. Of course just comming out of winter and the wet Spring here has kept me from doing anything of that sort or being able to gradually break into that type of exercise. I know repetative movements get us with Fibro in trouble so i am paying for the day or two I put in weeding.
    Recently, my PA had me go to a Massuse who specializes in Fibro and she commented that my Neck muscles ( at the side were like concrete ). I think they have been like that for so long that it seems almost normal to me. I haven't gone back as even tho she was not rough, she pressed on the muscle in the buttox that seems to run down from middle of the hip in back and it has taken me almost a month to get over the pain. I sort of doubt that I could see any permanent results in the Neck area tho it might help some at the time. I have not kept up with any exercise but walking on my treadmill this past winter and may have brought on some of this myself.
    As far as I know , I do not have an ear infection or ache but do have odd sensations that sort of come in waves. Thats the best i can do to describe it. I know my hearing isn't what it should be but I also have Type 2 Diabetes which I have read, can affect your hearing. These sensatiions have just come on in the last year and my Fibro has worsened during that time also. Our unusually wet weather seems to me to have a connection to its worsening.
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    I just feel so hopeless sometimes,my neck and shoulders are such a burden,I think if I could get some help for them I may not feel so bad all the time,seems like I just get one thing alittle under control and then its something else.
    my stomach bother me for months and now its ears and headaches,I always have the pain in my neck and shoulders.
    I talked to a gal at a outing over the 4th and she just found out she has Fm, she ask me if I every have felt like my old self since I became sick,I told her I don"t remember what it feels like to be healthy anymore.I can"t remember the last time I was not in pain.
    I felt so bad she got tears in her eyes and I tried to tell her she will find ways to cope with this.everyone is different what helps one person doesn"t help another but to read and research and try and see what helps her.
    I had my hubby put aspirin cream on my shoulders last nite and my ears are not as bad this morning.If I can get the muscle to relax it helps the fullness in my ears. have a good day ,sixtyslady