pressure in low right abdomen

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    all my problems started years ago with this pointed, lower abdomen not really pain but discomfort, pressure. Then after a while I got tingling in my hands and legs, anxiety and some shooting pains in my whole abdomen and even in the chest plus weakness/tingling in my lower back, legs and hands, flue like feeling etc. Not all at one, more like rotating symptoms. Just wonder if all these sound familiar or anybody can relate to. Now since few weeks I have some abdominal pains which come and go and I don't know what to think about this anymore.

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    have you had ultrasound for gallstone? that is not uncommon with cfs. I had one and they did surgery and that was the end for me, kicked in cfs/fm from the trauma of that. but that was before they could do minimally invasive surgery so may not be as hard on the body as used to be. Its still a sensitive area for me but not as bad as presurgery although if I knew then what I know now, I would try more natural ways to deal with it,but I just followed the docs advice at the time.
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    I had ultrasound, CAT scan, MRI for back and everything came normal...
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    You could be having trouble with your ileocecal valve. Some years ago mine got "stuck" open, waste literally was backing up into my body, making me feel sick and fluish. I went to my doctor with dull pain in my lower right abdomen, he ordered barium enema, found nothing.

    I went to my chiropractor who does muscle testing, within a few minutes he'd found the ileocecal valve problem, and gently pushed on my abdomen to close it. It was strange but it worked. I learned to do it myself when the symptoms recurred, and eventually they stopped.

    Another possibility is your appendix. One of my adult sons had recurring fevers and some other symptoms (can't remember what exactly) but each time he went to the doctor he was fine. My son finally diagnosed himself from the Internet and went to his doctor and told him he thought his appendix was bad. They did surgery and his appendix had actually already ruptured and his body had encased it in tissue - at first they thought it might be a tumor, but wasn't, just his body protecting the rest of himself.

    So these things can present with varying symptoms.

    I recommend seeing a good chiropractor who does muscle testing, preferably Contact Reflex Analysis. You can call Standard Process, a company which makes high quality supplements often used by chiropractors who do Contact reflex analysis, and they can give you the name(s) of chiros in your areas who do this. Their number is (800) 558-8740.

    Good luck - I really have been helped a lot by my chiropractor, especially with digestive issues, much easier and much more quickly than with regular docs.

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    I am so glad someone posted this. I have this all the time. On the right side also. It feels like a dull ache and I am bloated all the time. I have a pain that is like a side ache after running... Also when I lay on my right side in bed, it hurts. Its like a bad cramp. I had an ultrasound done on everything down there and also my gallbladder. They said everything was fine... It always bothers me though. I dont know what to do about it. Sometimes it feels like a big gas bubble. I am going to contact my chirprator and see if he can help me with it.. I have never heard of that before. But its worth giving it a try.
    Thanks for the info and let me know if you get some help...
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    that maybe it because recently I had strange muscle cramp on the right side abdomen which may look like that valve. It was very pointed cramp which after I massaged it released.

    But when did you had your problem that pain radiated sometimes to the back and did you feel nausea? Unfortunately these symptoms are very similar to gallbladder, with appendicitis I should have probably some fever too I guess, and I don't

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    No, I didn't have pain radiating to the back or nausea. Yeah, I think those symptoms can point to gallbladder problems. I don't know if you always have a fever with appendicities - I've heard the symptoms can vary so much, they're not always the typical ones. My son went for months with no help from the doctor, and he ended up diagnosing himself, which ended up being confirmed by the doc.

    Since you've had all the tests and they're negative, but you still have all your symptoms, I would definitely give the muscle testing a try. I had an inflamed gallbladder at one time, it interfered a lot with my digestion. Again, doctors did nothing for me but it was picked up right away by the muscle testing, and the chiro gave me AF Betafood by Standard Process which cleared it up.

    He also helped me when my liver was overloaded with toxins - again, doctors were useless there.

    Chiropractors are cheaper than doctors - it can't hurt to try, and quite possibly may help a lot. If I hadn't had my chiropractor, my digestion would be in so much worse shape. I probably would have had to get severely ill, have my gallbladder removed like so many people, and who knows what would have happened with the ileocecal valve. I'm just so grateful he was able to help me. He also got me taking digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid which I needed badly and helped a lot too.