pressure in the head and tight face muscles?

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  1. boscosmom

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    does anyone get this???? and a very TIGHT jaw....
    prickling and numbing in lips...pressure and throbing in the temple and up the jaw line; sometimes causing massive headaches.
    numbness in the face?
    pain in the teeth and numbness in gums?
    extreme lightheadedness then a sensation of rocking side to side in a boat?
    distorted vision (eyes feel googlie)? dryness of eyes and mouth?
    loss of joyous feelings???

    and TIGHTNESS like this:
    like someone took a vacuum and sucked all the moisture out of me so i am sooooo tight feeling mostly in arms legs and face (worse on left side).

    that bring me to this question: is anyone WORSE on the left side?

    sensitivity to salt? vitamin b?

    lots of gastric problems: pain, diarhea, constipation, nausea, etc.????

    has anyone started treatment with long before you feel better...i started 3 weeks ago.

    ty all so much, c
  2. angrob75

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    I have all of these things that you have mentioned, and yest for some reason my left side is the one that is worse, at times i can not even use my left leg or arm.....the weakness is usually worse on that side for some reason! I did start taking doxy about 7 weeks ago, around the 4 week i felt pretty good for a few days and then since then i feel like i am going back down hill. I see my Lyme Doc tomorrow for the first time so maybe i will have more answers after that.....i hope so....i better, because this is all making me crazy!
    Hope you get to feeling better soon, hang in there!
  3. boscosmom

    boscosmom New Member

    like me i read your biography.....could we talk?
    i am 34 with 2 small children and am scared.....i've had symptoms just like yours for 3+ yrs.
    ty, sc
  4. boscosmom

    boscosmom New Member

    b/f the doxy....sooooo are those symptoms lymes or the meds for yal'l?
    thanks, sc
  5. boscosmom

    boscosmom New Member

    can't be worse on one side?
    ty, sc
  6. angrob75

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    started before i even found out that i had Lyme, and they have not got any better yet being on Doxy, i have been on that for 7 weeks now. I think that the symtoms were Lyme related and not med related because i had them before the meds and still have them. I think that i just had my first really bad Herx this past week, i felt terrible and so do you keep up the treatment if you feel so bad being treated????