Pressures at work! Getting ready to snap!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by risinforce, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. risinforce

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    Hi, I've just about had it. This morning I just started crying. why you ask? Because everything I touched fell over or dropped. One of those days. Devil is trying to screw w/me so I told him to go away cause he wont win.

    If you've read my previous post then you know my computer got stolen at my work a month ago and I wasn't backed up currently so I have to recreat 4 months worth of accounting (books) by the end of the year (that would be a wk and a half away).

    So far, I'm half way there. My Accts Receivable is in now I'm doing my Accts payable. I've been working over 50 hrs a week - 10 + hrs a day 6 days a wk. I have no help what so ever. The girl that works w/me has only made things worse. I caught her in a huge error, she had been filing things wrong. AR in AP files etc. She is a complete moron but for political reasons cannot be fired. Daughter of head superintendent. WHATEVER! I hate that crap. Can't cut the mustard, down the road you go. That's my thinking.

    This week she's been sick Monday and Tuesday so I've had to do her job so I've done nothing w/my job. Great! Today I've just had it. I told my boss I was going to take my computer home to work so I can't be interrupted. He didn't like that idea. I'm the only one here who knows anything. There is only 3 of us, me, her, and the boss. It's a small construction company. Everyone else is in the field.

    I refuse to work over Xmas weekend as it should be. I'll be spending time w/my family, friends, little boy and exhusband. Can't wait till Christmas morning. We are going to be at ex's house for Christmas morning. It's going to be a great Santa year for our son. Very exciting. It's wonderful that my ex and I get along so well that we can be together for Xmas. That I can spend the night so we can all 3 be together. I actually am praying we can reconcile. Pray w/me please!

    The week after Xmas the whole company is off except me. Does that seem fair? Oh well, job has to be done. Just hope it doesn't go unrecognized. At least I'll be able to get stuff done w/out interruption.

    I'm just tired, grumpy, emotional, in pain. My body is reacting to the stress. I swear it's why my ankles are swollen. My face is broken out due to the stress. Someone w/my health should not put in these kind of hours. I get up at 3:00am every day to get to work by 5:30. No lunch break either.

    I guess I should stop complaining. Grumble and complain is how this sounds. Just needing to vent. Not knowing how to keep this pent up anger from boiling over. Trying to keep the emotions down. Don't want to break down at my desk.

    I'll stop know. I sure thank you all for listening. Hope everyone here has a great Xmas. Will be praying for us all to have a better 2006 health wise.

    Hugs to all!
  2. Kinsie

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    Don't feel bad about grumbling. Work problems are some of the most aggrevating.

    We have a saying here at work that when we just can't take it any more we'll just "get our purse". In other words, just get up from your desk, get your purse ( and nothing else), and walk out (forever). Well, I really haven't done it, but boy, have I come close!

    I thought this was kind of day many years ago our secretary really did "get her purse". She stormed out the front door making a big scene. In a few minutes she was back. She forgot that her husband had dropped her off that day, and she had no car. Oh, how embarrased can you get.

    Hope your day improves.

    Your friend,

  3. PepperGirl52

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    I don't even know how you get there, do what you have to do, and have the energy to come home!

    This fibro is the reason I am NOT working anymore. I know that some of you just don't have a choice, and I am SOOO very thankful that I had LTD through my company that is now paying me 67% of what I made at work, so I can relax and try to live the rest of my life in some sort of stress-free environment.

    I will definitely be praying for you, Sweetie!! You have a huge plate full right now. Who knows, maybe it will all turn around for you?? Someone just might recognize how hard you're working, get you some REAL help; ex-hubby realizes what an amazing person you are and the sparks can start flying again. You just never know when the Lord is going to turn what man has meant for evil into GOOD!!!

    God bless you, and please hang in there, knowing that we are here for you!!! PG
  4. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    I am sending prayers up for you right now.

    I here you on the work thing. I will pray it goes smoothly.


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