Pretty new here, worst flare in 12 years

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    I started reading & sometimes responding to some things posted here a few months ago. This is a REALLY GREAT site! I get so much info, and feel such a sense of support just in the respectful, helpful way you folks are with each other.

    One question I have: Has anyone else had particularly severe flares this past winter and spring?? It seems a lt of FM/CFS fellow-sufferers I know here in SW Michigan have experienced this. For me, winter 2002-3 and going right through this spring are the worst since dx. I did overdo last year w/ two big weddings, lots of travel, and yard work I hadn't done in years. Thought that being in bed most of every day would see me in muchbetter shape by now, but no more than an hour a day of ANY kind of activity leaves me totally drained and in much pain. Anyone else having this severe flaring after a few years of relative (not working,but at least able to putter around the house with a few light tasks) activity? Last time I was like this it took me six years of bedrest/ minimal activity to feel I could spend an hour a day playing. This was also accompanie by the worst depression I've had in years, too. Thanks for any input. Nanalys
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    Hi Sorry you are having such a hard time.

    Here in KY this was one of the snowiest winters in many years and I had a very hard time.
    Now it is raining so much and that is affecting me.

    I am still working, because I have no choice so I am always drained.

    Have you ever tried Solonpas pain patches? They are over the counter and not expensive. They help take that really sharp edge off the pain.
    Maybe you could ask for some additional pain medicine temporarily????

    For depression all I know is to get out of the house and by that I don't mean go somewhere, even if you can put some pillows in a chair and sit near or in the sun for 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day. It's very hard not to be down when you are suffering.

    I know these message boards help a lot of people, including me, but I don't visit too often as hearing of others suffering brings me down. Maybe it would help you to visit more. We are all different.

    You are in my prayers.
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    Hi,I live in Northern Indiana and I know just what you mean.This winter has been very hard for me and so far spring has'nt been much better. This dampness just does me in. Although I did mow the lawn today. My back is screaming at me for that one and it will take me until it needs it again to recoup,but the lawn looks great.I think this winter has been very hard on alot of us. I've been sick most of the whole time but seem to be coming out of it now at least I sure hope so.I hope this flare of yours will be gone soon but as you know the weather is suppose to turn some what cold again. I'll be thinking of you here in Indiana.I was born and raised in Michigan so I understand what your saying.God Bless,try to stay warm and baby yourself if you can. Try an 1/2 cup epsom salt and 1/2 cup of perocide( not sure I spelled that correct ) but it may help alot.But don't stay in any longer than 20 for now Danisue
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    For the past 10 years I have had minor flare ups due to over doing it. In July of last year I had a panic attack and mono at the same time, this kicked off the worse flare I have ever had. I still have not recovered from it. i am going to a specialist on Thursday to make sure nothing else as come in to play.
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    Sounds like you have had this for a long time. I certainly notice a trend - Spring & Fall being my worst seasons for pain. I do alright in Winter for the most part, but Summer is my very favorite. This is the time I enjoy with the least amount of pain all year. Looking forward to it!

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    Hi, and welcome. I am in Texas and we have hot, humid, sultry weather right now. I have had a bad week because I am suffering with allergies among all my other aches and pains of fibro. I have the sinus drainage all the time when everything starts to bud. Sorry you are having such a flare. I am on medication for depression plus I am treated for the fibro from a rheumatologist and take meds for that. I hope your days will get brighter and yes, the sunshine through the windows helps me greatly and watching the birds and squirrels that play outside my apt. I work full time and that keeps me pretty busy. God Bless, Breel
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    This has been a bad winter for me, too. Spent many hours just staring at the TV or computer and found that exhausting. Can't wait for summer to be in full bloom.