Preventative Herxing Ideas

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    Is there anything that one can take along with the Abx to prevent a herx ahead of time? That sounds strange, but I think you get the idea :)

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    We really liked him and yes, we felt like we didn't have to spend the majority of the time explaining things from the past for him to reconfirm the dx. He just went through each page and pointed out "she has this, it's probably caused from this" and then through the info I had brought. Our appointment was 2 hours just with him.

    She has already been on minocycline, so she started on Ceftin today. We had already done a lot of the testing and they can't do the 24-hour urine until she is 17, so they did 4 panels.

    Sleep is her big issue too, so he wanted her to go back on Trazodone with the Lunesta and melatonin, and try long acting morphine for pain -- although he wants her PCP to write the script for that!

    I went to the Health Store and spent an hour finding things today that he wanted her to start. He also started her on B-12 injections. He really thinks we will need to do Heprin too.

    I am overwhelmed by the papers to go through! I did it once to make my list, and then again to fill her pill box, but still need to go through it again for down the road things to add. It is a bit confusing!!

    It wasn't a bad drive, 8 hours and we stayed at Baymont on Glenstone. My son has a baseball tournament in St Louis in July, so we were able to schedule her follow-up during that time as well. He prayed with us, which was nice, and I was just really impressed and did leave feeling we were on the right track!

    Where are you in the treatment process from him? What other things are you treating?


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    if you were to prevent a herx, you'd be preventing the bugs from getting killed... all you can do is use detox methods... there's a post here with a lot of good suggestions to try.

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    It sounds like you and Kathryn are on the same abx right now. She started Ceftin Wednesday and then on to Zithromax too. She skipped the doxy sicne she was on Minocycline for about 18 months at a lower dose.

    So far she feels yucky, but rain and cold weatehr are moving through again and I think she is recooping from the travel. She staretd on the extended release morphine last night and it helped -- first pain med that has!

    Also, she had the Biocranial Therapy done yesterday and Craniobio too (see my info under the post on the FM board that Wayne has if you're interested). From that testing, she defintiely has bacteria present.

    We go back in mid-July. How are you feeling? Better?