?preventing hormone and vit mineral binding????

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    I think it was Madwolf who said take any hormone at least 6 hrs between any minerals and vitamins or they bind together and do no good. What exactly constitutes a hormone? I am taking cortef and levoxyl. Would both of these be considered hormones? Since I have to take the cortef morning and noon getting in my calcium and vitamins might be a little tricky. Am thinking about trying 5htp to see if it helps with better quality sleep. Any thoughts about if this is a hormone?
    Any input on an inexpensive multi vitamin you like would be appreciated. I would like to have the Mercedes multi but my budget says Ford or less.
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    I really hope Madwolf answers this, as I am curious also. I am taking Pregnenolone, the mother hormone that the others are made from, and I take it every other morning with a handful of other vitamins and minerals. I have seen changes in my sex drive and mood since taking it, but nothing dramatic. I hope I am not diluting it by taking it with the vits/mins. Pregnenolone must be taken in the morning, so I guess if this is true, I'll have to go without my morning jump-start of vitamins, at least on alternate days.
    Thanks for bringing this up, as it was new to me.
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