Prevention and FMS

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    Does any one here read that magazine. I've been getting for it a year now and they have been having more and more articles on FMS. There has been something just about every month. Of course it mostly about diet and nutrition and excercise, but They believe us that it's real.

    Now I have a couple of questions. I always dread going to bed wandering if my legs are going to be restless or not. It seems caffine makes my legs worse does anyone else have that problem. I do have to say, my legs have been a lot better the past couple of months. My aunt told me to take B12 for my legs and I did because the med. my Dr gave me quit working after a year on it and I was taking the highest amount I could take. So, decided to start on a really good multivitamin. Could this really have given me the relief I'm having? I just have a mild tinge of RL now and then. Or is like a remission if there is such a thing. Anyway finding this place has helped so much because I come here before going to bed and it's like having someone to talk to. I've not tried chat I'm afraid it will be to much for my usually foggy mind. I hope you all have good days and nights coming to you! SharN
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    Yes, I read Prevention and find it to be helpful. I also check out Dr. Mirkin's website -- he's got a lot of useful info there.

    It could be calcium and/or magnesium in your multivitamin that's giving your legs the relief.
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    My rummy says its the National Enquirer of the medical world. the catch word is FMS and it sells print, the reason they believe in it because theres no money in saying it does not exist. sell sell sell thats the game.
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    While I agree that Prevention is trying to sell their magazine, I also believe their are trying to provide us Fibros with alternative methods to deal with the pain. Some doctors do not like patients seeking methods to help themselves other than what they tell them. Doctors are going through some tough times right now (economically) just like the rest of us so it may be that some doctors are trying to make sure their malpractice insurance gets paid among other things. I don't mean to criticize doctors here but looking at the whole picture about the idea that Prevention is just trying to make a profit on us by printing articles that include us.

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    Profit is the same as the paycheck you get for work done. Vitamin and supplement makers do so for profit. Dr. cannot run an office without making a profit. Profit does not necessarily say the information, vitamin or Dr. is good or bad. As to Prevention mag. I have no doubt that the Fibro wording does help sell but that doesnt mean all the info is bunk or gold. Its a buyer beware world so we all need to look at everything with a critical eye but still be open to the possibility that new thoughts and ideas can be of use and help to us. I am a skeptic by nature but am happy to look at even the most outlandish idea. I have accepted and am learning to live the best I can with the health I have. On the other hand I am still seeking a possible root cause but with objective and realistic eyes.
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    Thank you all for your reply, Healing,
    I hadn't thought about it maybe it is the Magnesium because I've been taking calcium and didn't have relief. Hey, I'm not giving up my medicines or Dr. because I enjoy the magazine!
    I bought a pedometer from Walkers Warehouse and out of the blue came the Prevention Maz. for FREE and for 18 months!! Now that's the way to sell a magazine, cause I'm hooked. And it's really uplifting for me, just give it a try folks. I don't mean to sound like a salesperson here! The slender, healthy looking women on the cover are sometimes a downer for me! Ha!! But I really like the Maz. And the pedometer helps there are days I don't move 1000 steps and then on a good day I'll go 6000, the next day I'm usually exhausted!!! Ha! It does help motivate me. Hope you all have a good day! SharN
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    I've been reading Prevention since I was a small child and my mother subscribed to it. She also read and used Adele Davis's book "Let's Have Healthy Children", and we were healthy! Prevention is far, far from being the 'National Enquirer' of the health world. Rather, it is a realistic, informative, well researched journal which provides health information in a clear manner to the general public. Their message is very basic: eat well, exercise, stay healthy. They are very customer friendly,and do offer nice extras with subscriptions.

    Ok, Ok! I'm not selling!! Just defending an excellent product. There are many magazines out there that give very strange information that is not verified or substantiated. I trust Prevention. I don't trust too many of the printed pages out there.

    The information on Fibro and pain control in the Feb. 2003 issue is very well written and informative. Skeptics, check it out!

  8. starstella

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    with Prevention magazine. As on other posts, someone seems to be getting a kick out of making disparaging remarks.