Prices of groceries skyrocketing

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  1. Haven't you all noticed how the prices of groceries are outrageous lately. I can't believe even the prices of eggs are over $2 a dozen and MEAT prices OMG! It makes me mad.I swear weekly the prices go up, so I try and buy the sales.

    I try to shop at Walmart as they are cheaper but its a good 20 min from me and so huge. I try to shop only the food side. But then I like their pharmacy side too. WHEW!
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    I sure have noticed. And it's not just a few things, it seems to be that almost everything has gone up. It's really crazy! Fruit prices are ridiculous, and I think a dozen large eggs of one brand was 3.19, another brand 2.89. I live in So. Cal. so I know when the prices for gas and groceries go up, it gets even worse here. Gas is definitely going up again. I hope it doesn't continue. Have a good day, Kim :)
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    My God! I left the US about 2 1/2 years ago and eggs were about a buck, give or take, depending on the size. Is this an indirect result of the idiot banks going overboard with insane mortgages?

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    A bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs was $5.99!!!!!, I think it was a 9 or 12 oz bag, when I saw the shelf price I didn't even look to see the oz but it was not huge by any means.

    I paid 2.09 for a loaf of bread at Wally's I really have no choice. The Foodland closer is small and really pricey too.

    I one stop shop for everything there. It is easier that way.

    I feel for those of you that have famlies to feed. I don't see how some do it. Carla
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    for those of us who want to eat healthy...all the healthy foods are so much more than regular's like they don't want people to eat you know what I mean????

    pretty soon we'll have to get our own cows and hens and so on just so that we can eat!

    love to all, Ann
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    The costs are rising here in WI as well. My family goes thru at least 1 gallon of milk a day and I think the price was $3.29.

    I have a 16 year-old who is a bottomless pit and my grocery bill is going thru the roof. I told Randy (SO) that we are going to start eating more pasta. LOL. Seriously, though, I am pretty frugal and I do bake a lot so that tends to help. I've also had to become pretty creative lately.
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    I can't believe the prices on some stuff. I am not a brand buyer so I'll basically buy whatever paper towels, detergent, eggs, etc. are on sale. I absolutely cannot believe the price of milk and butter. I go to IGA or Stop and Shop when butter is on sale and I'll buy a little extra and freeze it. We don't use that much of it, but I'm not paying five bucks for butter EVER. I also read that bread and baked goods were going to go way up in price. An article in yesterday's local paper said the price of a bagel is going from .75 to .90 cents each because flour went from $17 to $47 per one hundred pounds! What the heck is going on? We also like to eat healthily and sometimes organic, and I find the best prices for that is Trader Joe's. I love that place but it's five towns away so I only go every two weeks or so. We don't eat a great deal of meat, and we still spend alot on food. A new beautiful supermarket opened three blocks away from my house but we rarely go there because it is ridicuously overpriced so I drive over to the next town to Stop and Shop where the prices are much better. I buy the sales also. Especially for bottled water--I check the sale fliers weekly. I will never pay full price for that either! I really like to use Tide,but will only buy that on sale too. Every few weeks, Target usually runs a sale on Tide, so that's when I buy detergent. By the way, I usually do the best when I food shop alone. If my hubby and 14 year old daughter are with me, it's like having TWO children with me. I might as well second mortgage the house!!! LOL!!!


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    I go to Walgreens Drug STore.
    Yep. I go there every week. They run fantastic sales on milk, eggs, cereal. They also run periodic sales on other canned goods. THEN I go to the local grocery store or WalMart.
  9. I know isn't it ridiculous and yes to who mentioned Walgreens they do have some good food buys. I bought a 5 lb bag of sugar for 1.99 and for nowdays that a good buy. By the way they have stouffers mac and cheese for 99 cents ! so stock up , limit 3 but hubby got 3 also. Kids are grown so we don't eat alot. I stock up when things are on sale if I have the $$$.......

    And no don't even get me started on the price of gas, it was $3.14 last I looked for unleaded.
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    Flour $47??? You all do relize it is the price of gas and natural gas that is causing these increases. The manufactuers need to make it somewhere and that somewhere is out bank accounts.

    I do not see this changing but getting worse. So I guess we need to tighten the belt on our pants because they sure won't be full of money and may lose a few pounds by cutting out the "extra treats" that we won't get to buy because we need milk, bread, and eggs. Carla
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    I live alone, and I am having a hard time with things too. I honestly don't know HOW family's are doing it.

    I cut down on everything and I still have a hard time. I am literally freezing in my apartment. I conserve everywhere I can. THEN!!!!!! I got a nasty letter from the local Gas Co. Apparently they felt that I wasn't using enough Therms per month to heat my apartment, and they were going to INCREASE my rates to compensate their loss. OMG!!!!!!!! It took me 2 full days to calm myself down enough to be able to call them without calling them every name in the book and then some.

    I had to explain and describe everything to them. How small my apartment was, how many windows faced south, how many window total, what I set my thermostat at during the day and night, and did I have any other heating source. NO I freeze because I enjoy it you idiot!!!!!!

    How generous, they aren't going to jump my rates just yet, but will reconsider at a later date. JERKS!!!!!!!!
  12. That is terrible. I am glad for now at least they aren't raising your gas rates!
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    is 4.89 for the generic gallon, 5.02 for Oak Farms....I could live without it (lactose intolerance) but my kids cannot.

  14. lgp

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    and I think for some stuff, their sales prices are the best. Tide is on sale this week, as is Aquafina for $3.99 a case. Also, the Woolite for black clothes was almost $3 cheaper than in the supermarket!! The only problem is, while I was there, I impulsively bought an $8 lipstick so that kind of throws the savings a bit!

    The other thing that leaves me incredulous is the price of home heating oil. I get an auto delivery about every 21 days or so, and Friday it was $547!! We are on a budget for $350 per month, and I pay the difference in the summer. We are not zoned for gas here, so conversion is out of the question. I'm so careful to not turn on the heat unnecessarily and just throw on a sweater, especially when I'm alone in the house, but what are people to do? It seems like the basics are morphing into luxuries these days--heat, eggs, butter and milk!!!

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    It's downright frightening! I'm 62 yrs. old and I've never seen anything like these prices.

    I paid $3.54 for a gallon of milk this week. Eggs $1.89 a doz. for mediums (I won't post the brand). Gasoline $3.09 a gallon for unleaded. My home is total electric and my bill this month is $110.00. I live in a one bedroom appartment.