Prickles and UK friends information about a new clinic

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    I was reading on line about a new Fibromyalgia Clinic in ROYAL SHREWSBURY HOSPITAL

    There also is a web site that has alot of good information on it if you google fibromyalgia-associationuk
    its also a .org site

    Let me know if you already have heard of this .If not maybe it can be helpful for you in the future.I found it very interesting.
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    Thanks for posting this. I think UKers are under the impression we actually get treatment over here in USA for fibromyalgia, when most docs run a mile from any mention (LOL)

    This board exists because we all suffer so much in the uSA. If you go onto BBC Radio and search Fibromyalgia five pages come up with info and links. Try that here!!! Did I already tell you that.

    Hey I keep asking you this. Did your house sell???

    Love Anne
  3. carebelle

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    No the house hasn't sold but we are starting to get a few more lookers. Hopefully it will sell soon. I do have a lady very interested but she is trying to rent her house and then buy mine . She hasn't put it in a offer yet.

    I am afraid that the College may not be able to wait till we sell it and need to take back the offer. My husband has been going back and forth using his vacation time and some sick leave but all that is going to run out.

    I even wrote Oprah ,Dr Phil and told them our story asking if they would help us get our house sold so we could go back home after 33 years of military service to help my husband reach his life long dream to be a College Teacher.

    I told them all about his Military Career and how when I had my mental breakdown what a wonderful husband he has been taking care of me.

    I wasn't asking for money just anyhelp they could give use to reach HIS DREAM.Hes been a wonderful example of a human ,a husband ,father ,friend and Military Man.

    I'm hoping they will do a good show about a really good man.We here so many stories about men that are creeps.
    Anyhow who knows if they will ever get my email.Some of his friends also wrote letters to Oprah about things my husband has done.My Husband doesnt know we did this it would be a Big surprize to him.
    I was also hoping I would be able to tell them about my FM/CFS.

    I also have been praying that I might be able to bring an interest to the College and Hospital about CFS/FM after my husband is there teaching. I would try to get them to check into helping people with CFS/FM in a special project of some kind. I would even help raise the funds to do so if possible.BIG DREAMS I know. But I've been thinking about it.

    Sorry Ive talk so much when all you ask was if the house sold LOL
    You all will be the first to know when it does Thank you so much for careing.

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  5. charlie21

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    Hopefully everyone would have heard by now about the help of Mirapex to help FM, I live in the U.K., in Bedfordshire, not far from Milton Keynes. I am seeing my doctor on friday, and I am going to ask about this drug. Apparently they use it to treat Parkinson's Disease, have you heard about it? Charlie
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    Oh, Is the realtor advertising well? Make sure they are. Have they got flyers in front of the house. I always post the price of the house right out front.

    Want some FREE publicity. Here's what we did once. We made a giant price tag and hooked it over the vent pipe and stuck a big red bow on the roof. The local paper showed it as an interest story, and it even made the local news.

    What you could also do is get in touch wiht the college busar and ask if they have a housing dept. as sometimes people are willing to do sabatic swaps. I live near Cornell and people do this a lot.

    Have you stashed all your clutter and done the "sell this house" routine??? I have staged houses for sale and it really does work.

    Even if you have to drop your price, it would be worth it to realize your dream. Have you tried calling your local tv station for the human interest story. "Longing to be home for Thanksgiving"...after faithfully serving his country for ...years.......has got a lucky break. Tell story.....

    Hey anything is worth a try. Look at Danny, he is in front of the Student Council Elections right now and he is a kid who has never even done mainstream before and has autism. "Mommy", he said "I decided to take your advice, GO FOR IT." Hey the worse thing they can say is "NO."

    I wish I wish I wish that carebelle can sell her house for a close price this weekend. Do the mantra.

    Love Anne
  7. charlie21

    charlie21 New Member

    Hello there, read you are having a rough time just now, and hope things get better for you. What are you studying for? I always remember you as being one of the first people to reply to my posts when I was new to this board. I love the cool colourful outfit in your photograph. I used to live in Germany for 7 years in Bielefeld, and have a lot of happy memories there. Want to go back to see what it all looks like now, and hope I won't be disappointed. My father was in the army there, and my twin brothers were born in Rinteln Hospital (spelling!). If I am near smokers, I become really congested, and my nose becomes very itchy. I am glad that the law has changed in the U.K., with regard to smoking, and it is nice that if you should get a day when you feel ready to have a night out, you can come back home and not smell of smoke. I have just come back from my hols in Cuba, and suffer from very bad muscle spasms, which I think the Mirapex might help. Can you not see a doctor in Germany about this drug, and see what they say. If it is used to treat parkinson's disease, I am sure it will be known in many countries, afterall I am sure you will need to see a doctor at sometime, it is very rare that we don't see them on a regular basis isn't it, as we always seem to have problems don't we. Charlie
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    We even dropped the price as much as we can give or take a few dollars for last min expenses. Cleaned and staged the rooms. The Realtor said it shows great.

    Its a wonderful home .Everything in on the main floor ,master bedroom and laundry also on main level. 4900 sq ft. very large rooms . two more bedroom upstairs and a Hugh finished basement.3 1/2 bathrooms .Tons of extras.

    We had plan to live here for ever until we got the chance for my hubby to teach back home. Its very well built crown molding in every room. Its also located in a great neighborhood. With a pool just in walking distance.

    There just is not very many people looking right now. The sad thing is ,its really a great home and someone is missing out on it.

    We just keep praying and believe All Things will Happen in Gods Time .If its to late and he looses the college job then I guess God will have something better in mind. I'm trying to have Faith it will all work out.

    Thanks for all your ideas I think we almost have everything covered. You seem like such a neet person I think we would be friends if we lived closer. :)

    And what a good story about your son. I'd vote for him.
  9. charlie21

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    In case you haven't seen this article.


    I get regular information by prohealth, and this is what I received today, just thought you might be interested. Charlie21

    Critical New Piece of Fibromyalgia Puzzle Found?

    Pieces of the Fibromyalgia puzzle are slowly falling into place, and researchers are moving toward a unified theory that explains the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease.

    While the conviction among the majority of Fibromyalgia researchers is that Fibromyalgia represents a significant sensitization of the brain and spinal cord, some leading researchers have recently formed a theory that takes the "Sensitization Theory" a step further, to what can be called the "Hippocampus Hypothesis" or "Dopamine Hypothesis." This fascinating theory states that FM is primarily a brain dysfunction resulting from stress-induced physiological changes to a part of the brain called the hippocampus and to the important neurotransmitter that it regulates - dopamine.

    Specifically, the hippocampus is extremely sensitive to stress, and in fact is the brain organ that enables us to respond to environmental stressors in a way that helps us avoid danger. The best example of the beneficial stress response is when our ancestors crossed paths with a saber tooth tiger - an immediate "fight or flight" response was mandatory to ensure survival. Studies have shown that chronic stress, however, can contribute to a disruption of normal hippocampus function. The hippocampus plays a major role in pain perception and memory formation, and it is involved in controlling the production of that crucial brain neurotransmitter, dopamine. Dopamine abnormalities have been linked to "restless leg syndrome," increased pain, and feelings of self doubt, anxiety, and problems with memory formation.

    If the "Dopamine Hypothesis" is correct, then it is reasonable to assume that drugs that restore normal dopamine levels and activity in the brain should have a therapeutic effect when administered to Fibromyalgia patients.

    And this is where the "Dopamine Hypothesis" picks up steam. Andrew Holman, MD, recently conducted a controlled, double blind study of the drug pramipexole with several Fibromyalgia patients. Pramipexole, sold under the brand name Mirapex™, is approved for treatment for Parkinson's disease - a primary dopamine disorder. Patients experienced significant improvement in their symptoms. Another drug that affects dopamine and has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for restless legs syndrome - ropinirole - also met with remarkable success in another recent Fibromyalgia study conducted by Dr. Holman.

    All told, the Dopamine Hypothesis looks promising for several reasons. It ties in nicely to the pathogenesis of the disease - that the onset of Fibromyalgia frequently occurs during times of prolonged or intense emotional or physical stress, when the hippocampus may become overworked and become dysfunctional as a result. And it ties into the fact that dopamine, which is largely regulated by the hippocampus, may cause many of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia when its levels are unregulated.

    I would like to acknowledge Patrick B. Wood, MD, and Dr. Holman for their brilliant work with brain imaging, neurotransmitter physiology, and creative pharmaceutical approaches to normalizing/regulating dopamine in Fibromyalgia. Their work has proven beneficial to many Fibromyalgia patients and may hold promise for treatment of millions more. I applaud their bold, creative, and compassionate work.

    Dr. Wood explains the Dopamine Hypothesis in easy-to-understand language, using computer generated graphics and patient and doctor interviews in the acclaimed Fibromyalgia DVD "Fibromyalgia: Show Me Where It Hurts" To purchase a copy of this DVD, please visit the ProHealth store.

    Wishing you health and hope,

    Rich Carson
    ProHealth Founder and CFS Patient

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