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    I was reading your profile and was wondering what happens when you are around cigarette smoke? I have a weird reaction to cigarette smoke too. I get pysically ill after being near smoke. I literally can't get out of the bed in the morning the day after I have been exposed to it.

  2. krchamp

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    Oh my goodness. I haven't met anyone else who reacts the way I do to cigarette smoke until now. My eyes start to water and swell immediatly. My head throbs! It is almost like my nose gets really clogged and I blow it (sorry-gross I know) and it is immediatly bloody. I also get muscle spasms and also fatigue. I am so wiped out he next day. My muscles are in knots and cramp so bad.

    I can't go anywhere where there is smoke. Most restaurants are smoke free but I can't go to ones that aren't. Some restaurants seperate the two- smokers & non smokers...that is a joke. I can't go -just being around the smallest amount of smoke triggers those reactons.

    My husband calls it my kryptonite.

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    I have the same reaction too! What drives me crazy is that people don't realize how much it affects me. Some people think that if they blow smoke out a window, that it's OK. I can't even stand within 20 feet of someone smoking outside.

    I know people think I'm overreacting, but just like with CFS... some people just don't get it.

    Prickles, I didn't know about the ban in the UK... will it stop smoking in restaurants? I was there when I first got sick, and it was so hard to eat without feeling ill. Our friends there smoked in their homes too. It was so hard to get away from it. How do you think it will go?

    take care,
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    Are any of you who respond so severly to smoke, also allergic to metals? Problems wearing earings, watches, rings? Just curious if this might be a NICKEL allergy. Lots of Nickel in cigarette smoke and MANY types of jewelry.

    I too, hate smoke and feel rotten the next day, but nothing a bad as all of you. Back when my son still bowled (in 3 leagues) I spent a LOT of time in Bowling Alleys, and used to get Sinus Infections all the time. From the smoke.

    So, any of you have that metal allergy going on?
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    I can sympathize with you. I started out in this world exposed to second-hand smoke, and it continued for most of my life. It bothered me, I always had congestion, upper respiratory infections, ect., but one just became TOTALLY intollerable to me.

    I would get sick at my stomach, couldn't get a good breath of air, and would have dreams of being smothered by cigarette smoke.

    Too bad. My uncle died of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes that he was given by an organization supposedly helping the men of the Military. If only they had known!

    Blessings and Hugs,

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    I was so glad when they banned smoking from so many areas here in the USA. You don't appreciate it until you take a trip to Mexico. Anyone can smoke anywhere on the plane.

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    So, 1 Severe Smoke Allergy , 1 Metal Allergy

    Anyone else?