Prickles From the UK - Please get in touch

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by murkinrg, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. murkinrg

    murkinrg New Member


    I placed a thread on here a few weeks back concerning my immune system and a young lady from the UK who I think went under the name of 'prickes' or 'pickles' replied.

    Would you mind getting touch as I think we may share a common ailment and haveing thought about what you said in your reply I'd like to discuss this further with you.

    Many thanks and kind regards
    Robert, Surrey, UK

  2. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    nice to meet you robert im from east anglia :)
    i hope you find what your looking for.
  3. murkinrg

    murkinrg New Member

    Hi fivesue

    Thanks for your brief reply.
    Read you profile.If you read mine you'll see that I have depression in my family too.
    Love to be your friend if ever you need a chat.

    Wishing you well and sending lots of love

  4. murkinrg

    murkinrg New Member


    Many thanks for your reply.
    Your profile doesn't sday too mucha bout you but I'd be happy to be a friend if you neded one. especially as you are only 100 or so miles away.

    Take care
  5. murkinrg

    murkinrg New Member


    Many thanks for getty back to me.
    Really sorry to hear you are poorly.Is this a continuation of your ongoing trouble?

    I've felt a bit guilty as I my own physical problems are nothing like as bad a those of people on this site and so I shouldnt really be complaing.

    I was just thinking about our last conversation.I've been feeding my body with good food and immune system boosting nutrients and have come to the conlcusion that it might not be my immune system but maybe a sinus issue.

    I often have sore throat and am never far ffrom a cold.The cold is usually in my head rather than my body but in winter it doesnt take much to push me over the edge.I do play a lot of sport and excrcise about 5 days out of 7.Having said that there people who do a lot more than than and stay healthly.
    I've got a good immune system book which outlaws excercise but i guess like most things its a case of 'all things in moderation'.

    Anyway just wondered if you had any thoughts on that.

    Where are you from again? I see you are a German student.
    I did A level French the other year on a ccount of my wife being French.
    I love languages and anything to do with foreign cultures.
    I have the impressio that the photo in you profileis taken overseas - I would guess Spain but I might be wrong.

    Anyway, you take care of yuorself.
    If you need anything - please give me a shout.
    I would be only too pleased to help.

    Wishing you well and sending you lots of love


  6. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Thank you for the note. I saw that the board was moving quickly and your post was getting pushed down....wanted to get it up to the top so Prickles could see it. I'm glad you two connected.

    Glad you're here on this board. I sympathise with your wife and her depression...something missing in our chemistry. Wish her the best for me.

    Again, thanks for the note.

  7. murkinrg

    murkinrg New Member

    Many thanks - that was good to hear

    You take care


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