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    Prickles, if I remember correctly, you are very good at starting polls. The medicine I've been taking since last Christmas helps me so much I want you ALL to know about it. I have been very busy lately helping with one of my family in the hospital, and to be truthful I am in pain and bone-weary. But before this med. I could not begin to do all that I have done lately. It is expensive, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find some way to get together and make it less so! I have been suffering (literally) for over fifty years with Fibro. and CFS. I found out the name only six years ago, but now I feel as if I can have a better life since I have been taking Mirapex. I wonder how many of us are taking this. I still hurt and am exhausted but I can get a few things done and wonder if someone? in the medical community could research this for us and make something for us alone. Mirapex is made for Parkinson's Disease and it's a wonderful start for me. Who takes it???
    And does it help you? Thanks Prickles!

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