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    Hey! Kwik word, (troops be here soooon!) Just go to 'FibroHugs' & you'll get all the gen. Think it's actually through ProHealth that it's all been organised. Hope you find info OK.

    Was gonna suggest 'lilac' hair when you woz in yoor 'Quandry' 'bout colours.......Thought that smacked a bit toooo much of the 'bloo-rinse-brigade'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Perish the thought!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!) I'm sure you've opt'd for a v. 'tasteful' shade o' 'poiple' tho!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! (you gonna show us????? (Cheeky person that I am!)

    Still recoverin' from me Edinburgh jaunt, but, oh, twoz worth every 'OUCH'!!! & 'YiKES'!!!!! be back as a passenger on't bike again!!!!!! Had been a while!!!
    NOTHiNG QUiTE LiKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck to you & yoor boyfriend with the Exams!!!!! One of the 'pluses' (There ARE some, I think!) of being 'iLL', are that although it intensifies all the 'bad - stuff' it can ALSO do Xactly the same for ALL the 'GUiD - STUFF' tooooo!!!!!!!!! (don't know if you're 'with' me on that one?).......

    Anyways.........Must fly (no planes involved tho! LoL!!!) Have a GREAT WkEnd

    Warmest Wishes.................Love & Peace......Mai Xxx :)
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    :) Xxx
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