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    How are you doing lately? Have you had any more jerking episodes? How's school?
    (( )) Shannon
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    Shannonsparkles New Member

    How's life so far back in your parent's place? At least you don't have all those slobs around now! What will you do over the summer?

    I've been doing better since the warm weather started. I pretty much just eat fruit, vegetables, baked fish and goatmilk, and the only thing of all of that that really needs to be cooked is the fish, so I'm doing okay for food at present. A friend of mine who works in homecare for elderly people has offered to bathe me if I get really desperate. Ugh, this DD!

    Dad's found me a new naturopath to try. I've been nervous about it, so my insomnia is taking a chunk out of me. But, if she can make me feel like I'm 94 instead of 95, that will be something. ;) My hopes don't get as high with new docs as they used to. People have told me that it's an attitude thing whether a treatment succeeds or fails. But, honestly, I have believed every time I tried someone new that THIS was the doctor who would crack the code. I'm being more protective of myself now by hoping for less. As long as I stay the way I am now (summer is my good time of year) or don't get sicker, that's good enough. I started playing the guitar while I'm up at night to pass the time.

    Why are you worried about Germany? I remember you wrote a post asking how the doctors are over there for FM. As I hear, in Germany the health care system is more into herbs and homeopathy, stuff like that. Maybe you'll find something new that you wouldn't have found otherwise. :) Then you can write an "I found my miracle cure!" post and make us all whoop with joy... It could happen! Do you speak German? Why did you decide to go to Germany?

    I hope you have a great summer! How are the chameleons?
    (((you're super))) Shannon

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