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  1. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    I posted on another post for you, but I think you deleted it. So I will write it over.....

    Prickles, You continue to amaze me! For such a young lady you have so much wisdom, consideration, and compassion for others.

    With going to college fulltime and having fibro, you are a wonder that you are here so much to contribute.

    I want to encourage you in the fine young woman that you have evolved to be. If I was your mother, I would be so proud of you! Love, Tam
  2. Redshadow

    Redshadow New Member

    We love you Prickles!! You are a very strong woman and I admire your strength. I can't believe anyone would write a negative comment about you. What's wrong with those people?

  3. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    I didn't see the posts that you all are speaking of that were catty towards Prickles but I just wanted tell Prickles that so many people here get great hope and encouragement and information from you.

    I truely enjoy your posts and love having you here. I hope that you don't let anyone get you down.

    Not sure why some people are so negative here. I guess that some people become that way after being ill for so long. I think they are just frustrated by this illness which is understandable so please try not to take it personally.

    I personally try to follow what I heard from others as a kid...If you don't have anything nice to say than don't say it.

    The last thing any of us needs is for someone to be mean to us here. We all have enough to deal with being sick that we surely don't need people here to say mean things to us.

    I try to just stay positive on these boards. If I see a post title that I think would upset me than I don't read it. If there is a treatment that I think is false or a person that I think is selling than I ignore the treatment and the person.

    I give support to those who are going through a bad time and reply to fun posts or informative posts or positive posts. And of course get support in return when I need it. I get lots of useful information here so I appreciate people posting about treatments etc. I pick and choose what sounds like something I am interested in.

    I appreciate everyone here and I appreciate you Prickles! You have a lot to offer everyone even in just your positive spirit. We need that here. So thank you! Sorry that some were mean to you!

    Take Care,
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    To lazy, or tired to type much, but just want to "Ditto" what's already said.

    Your a rare find. And nobody's perfect. Forgive and forget.
    Sorry for all the cliches, but there is truth in them.

  5. wish_to_be_healthy

    wish_to_be_healthy New Member

    I am truly amazed by what you do, have done, and what you are accomplishing at your age...I wish that I would have had this wisdom when I was your age!

    I'm glad you feel centered enough and know who you are, that you can blow off any negative stuff thrown at you...Good For YOU!!!!

    Thanks for all that you have contributed to the board.


  6. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Dixie_Amazon

    Dixie_Amazon Member

    Your presence on the board is definitely a plus!
  8. darude

    darude New Member

    My post has been deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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