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    hey girl----------how are you---------wishing you pain-free--------im not doing well--------------went to the pain doc/neuro----that rx the tens unit-------------finally------ive had it 2 weeks----------nurse went over operations w/ me-----------although i was in such pain/fog i do not remember tooooo much-----------i have your instructions from previous post/thanks again for all your info and support----------once more i need your advice---------im taking strong narcotics-------but they are no longer helping--------doctor is aware of this----------but they wanted me to try the tens unit and contnue meds--------they are ordering another mri-------i go for epidural and follow up on dec 29----------in the meantime christmas and all is already soooooo horrible----------do you know of any supplments or anything that can help----------ive read your newbie post----------so im basically just asking about any supplements or vitamins?????? thanks in advance------------you are always so kind and helpful to everyone-------MERRY CHRISTMAS--------PAIN-FREE!!!!!!LOVE TO ALL-------------LAURA
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    the tens unit is not working too good b/c it will not stay on(the little patches)-----------had the same probelm w/ the patches-----most of my pain is in my lower back----------although ive been sooooo stressed----------im now in a all over flare--------i just bought some magnisium today and i have the calcium already--------------was on alot of supplements and vitamins--------------------for about 6months-----------in late august,sept.,and oct. iwas feeling pretty great---------had a few bad days ----but over all good--------------then i stopped the vitamins and supplements(dont know why)-----------so yesterday i started again---------i will add the d/p one that you mentioned----------------i remember that post---------will you have acess to a computer when you go home------------if so PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH---------if not have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS and thank-you for ALWAYS being here --------i love you--------------take care and love to all-----------laura--------------------- when i was at the doc friday----------they said i needed to join a support gruop ----------------i told them i already had---------here at pro health--------where is that located--------i told them on the computer-----------they shook ther heads----------probably one in person would be better-------i said i didnt think so------------and gave them the site adress!!!!!!!THIS PLACE IS THE BEST---------------when you open your spa and i open the dorm at the fibro academy---------------then we will all meet in person---------------------what a great dream--------think of how much power we could have--------------and use the # of people all t9ogether for such great work--------------------LETS ALWAYS KEEP HOPES AND DREAMS--------LAURA

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