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    Hi Prickles,

    I know you mentioned you have hypermobile hip joints. So do I. They are really causing me a lot of pain of late. I thought I saw a post of yours a long time ago that explained an exercise or two that helped you with this problem.

    Would you mind posting what helped you with this problem again?

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    I'm printing your reply so my dimwit self has no excuse not to follow your suggestions!

    All of your suggestions sound helpful, especially the stretching. I'm still housebound and have to lie down most of the time, so walking will have to wait.

    BTW,that's an interesting Jacuzzi exercise, LOL! Good of you not to do it when others are around!

    Thanks again for your help!
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    Silk sheets! Well, that's an interesting idea. At first I thought they sounded a bit pricey, but compared to meds, supplements, and physical therapy, they're a steal!

    Yeah, I'm still in my relapse and housebound. Even when I'm doing "well", I really can't be around a lot of bright or changing light, noise, or general commotion. My sensitivity to sensory overload has the same impact on my lifestyle as your sensitivity to cigarette smoke, I think. I'm becoming a recluse!

    We need a retreat where things like that aren't allowed!

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