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    Thanks for the information. It meant a lot to me. I like the part about not hitting someone. :) I was feeling very alone and this is all so very new to me. Everyones response and your information was so very helpful. Actually I even got a response when trying to discuss things with my hubby lastnight that upset me. He said "I guess I am not responding like you want me to. This is not something you are going to die from in the next few days, right?" I love him very much but that really hurt my feelings. I know he knows I hurt but its as if he is just not interested in knowing more about it. I am not sure what to think. Anyway I will not dwell on that. I am drinking some coffee trying to get going so I can get kids out the door. I have 3 boys, 18 (graduating this year), 17 (my special needs son totally relies on me and my family for care, does go to school during the day), and a 14 year old. Then off to my job, I work full-time and do enjoy my job. It has been hard trying to stay focused with the pain and sometimes I seem to feel a little scattered but I will not give up. Thanks again!

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