prickly, tingling feelings?

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    Anyone get this.. Especially the past few days from all the rain storms going thru ., I've been getting them off and on throught the day.

    Been doing it for a few days now .. I just read about the over dosing with VitD but.. been taking the Calcium with Vitamin D by Nature Made.. its I believe 400 IU.. for each one.. so been taking my Multivitamin and then 2 of the VitD.. when I told my Dr last week she said that sounded like a good amount?

    I've just started getting this feelings the past week..
    But I did get a new cell phone too.. so Im not sure which is causing it or if its fibro and weather related?

    Yesterday at the Automotive shop when they were working on my car.. a Front had come thru and it was pouring outside.. I was standing in the one room that is pretty much all glass.. its like the showroom at a Car dealers.
    I was talking to my son on my new cell and all of a sudden it felt like I got a shock in the inside of my elbow... Was a real weird feeling.. I was standing in the room near a door .. it wasnt lightening .. just pouring down rain!..
    I told my son and he laughed.. sheeesh.. I've been getting them now every so often and its like getting zapped.. or something.. kinda smarts..
    Anyone else ever experience this???

    I did have to take my new phone.. its Verizon and its the Black Venus.. I ordered it online and got it free with the 100.00 that ya get when you get a new phone after your two yrs is up.. then if you order online you get the $50.00 instant rebate.. But I had to take that down to the Main place.. They said the wall charger.. wasnt really charging the phone.. but .. when I unplugged it today it was soooo hot.. could barely touch it to unplug it.. They exchanged it.. Im still not sure whether to keep this phone or not.. you get a 30 day thing on it.. if its the phone doing this.. I dont want it. lol.. but not sure which one to get.. I dont do text msging.... Ive been using the LG8300...
    so anyways.. anyone get this .. or ever have anything like this with their cell phones create problems?
    Thanks in advance!!
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    Bumping this up ..
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    I'm not sure if this is the same or not. But at different times I get an electrical shock in my arm and it's only there for a short time but long enough that I feel it.

    The electrical feeling is in my arm about 2 inches from my elbow towards my hand. It's been in the same place each time.

    I've never been using a cell phone when it happened to me.
    And we haven't had any rain or storms in Texas so I can rule that out for me as well.

    There is always something new with this dd isn't there. :)

    Gentle hugs, Susan
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    I have tingling in my hands, and the side of my face, and electrical shocks in my hips.

    Welcome to FM and its electrical component.

    My doctor actually believes me, I saw that he used the code for the tingling in my diagnosis on his sheet.

    Good Luck,

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    Not sure what boost mobile Is Tandy?
    Im not able to get out of the contract with Verizon if its changing over to the Sprint.. Not sure what you meant.. lol.. but I wanted to ask..