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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fibrotears, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Hi, you guys!

    I've been so busy with my studies and my ILLNESS that I don't write so often anymore.

    Well, I'm in need and you guys are always here for me!!

    I'm in sooooo much pain I can't stand it anymore. The newest thing: I CAN'T SIT, AT ALL. Not even on my ring cushion!!!

    So, I couldn't attend my classes this quater, but I tried to keep up, thanx to my friends, even though I weren't in class. Oh, and my GP got this idea in his head that the painkillers are making my pain worse!! So he withdrawed it! I went trough hell because of the withdrawel symptoms!!! So for TWO whole weeks I couldn't keep up with my studies. This means that while all my friends and other student are resting right now this holiday, I have to work to keep up!!

    Oh, and he's theory didn't work, I was in more pain!!!!

    I have a BIG decision to make and it just feels like I'm in a corner and the walls is closing in on me and I don't know what to do!!!

    I have I few options:
    1)Presacral neurectomy: Meaning they cut off the nerve supplying the uterus, vagina etc.

    I'm to scared to do this because the doctor can't even quarantee that it will take my pain away. So, why cut off a nerve, with important functions, if you don't know the outcome!!!

    2) Hyperbaric oxygen treatment: But the doctor never ever in his life heard of levator ani syndrome and my guess FM as well. So he was very sceptical but said that he will search for articles about it. Because everything in medicine is about EVIDENCE-BASED-MEDICINE. No evidence, no treatment!!
    He will contact me after Wednesday. I hope with good news.
    Because if you think about this: the rugby players injures there muscles, the are put in the hyperbaric chamber and they are fit to play the next game .... duh!!!

    3) The other options I got from an Japanese, I think, doctor.He suggested that I go to a cancer specialist and that he / she prescribe the RIGHT painkillers, which is a good options except for the fact that I don't want to use painkillers for the rest of my life!! I'm 22 now, 10 years down the road or even sooner my liver and kidneys will fail! And then! So this is not a permanent solution...

    Please comment on which of the 3 options I should try.

    I'm in sooooooooooo much pain and can stand it!!

    Oh, and if you are not in to much pain, can you please search the following on the net:
    levator ani syndrome+hyperbaric treatment

    I could only find one article and do not have the strenght to search for more and you guys uses other search engines.

    With love


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