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    Almost a month ago, I started a thread with this same title. I thought I'd post an update..


    The school lunch duty is very grueling in my opinion. But I have been told that high schools are the hardest and the high school I'm at is the hardest of the 3 high schools.

    The work of preparation and clean up isn't bad. I've never had to work where, if all the work was done, I still had to stay and find something to do.. such as sweep the floors, even thought 6 other ladies have been sweeping for 30 mins till time for them to go. If I have work to do, I do it. If my work is done and no one needs any help, I leave. I wish.

    They said they would like for me to work there permanently on Friday. I have to ask the manager to place there now, if I want to...

    All the gals in the kitchen suggested I go ahead and try out at least one other school, preferably an elementary school. I think I am going to ask to try somewhere else for this week coming up before committing to the high school.

    Standing and doing the prep and clean up isn't bad either. But standing in front of the food line slinging a breaded chicken patty and bun and 10 - 12 tater tots on each tray is absurd. It kills my back and neck. I burn my hands and steam my face numerous times getting the grub out of the warmers.

    The kid's are really good kids. A lot of them even say thanks. None have been rude or mean to me. There are few 'odd' kids but I wouldn't have a problem talking or helping any one of them.

    I still hate khaki pants, white tennis shoes and visors. I don't think that will every change.

    My daughter knows of a job opportunity that is office work in a national trucking company. I can wear jeans, no visor/hate and NO TENNIS SHOES. And the pay is 90% to 100% what I was making 4 yrs ago. YEAH!!! The only bad thing is... the hours are 4:00 PM to midnight.

    I'm not sure that is all bad though. I don't usually get to sleep before 1 or 2 AM unless I take Tylenol PM. I have grown pretty fond of shopping during the day when everyone else is in school or work.

    Maybe that will work out better for me...

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    If you were to get the job at the trucking company, and it didn't work out for you, could you return to working at another school?

    Sounds like doing the repetitive filling of plates isn't going to be good for you... would hate to see you go backwards from that.

    Reminds me of my son, he tried to work for a while just at a Subway, after about 4 months of making sandwiches, he had carpal tunnel in both hands really bad again, shoulder stress injury, and legs going numb from standing (he has chronic Lyme, but typical FM symptoms).

    Please be careful, whatever you decide! And I agree with s-elaine, I don't think its Pride vs Depression at all... you just need to take care of yourself!

    all the best,

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