prilosec has been added now anybody else have this problem?

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    How many of us have also been put on prilosec ? I think my stomach problems I'm having now is from the Effecsor .I'm still throwing up but Doctors only gave me meds to stop throwing up .They put me to sleep.
    I'm scaried to come down off the Effecsor after reading all the problems some of you have had. But That's the only thing I can think to try so I will stop throwing up all the time.
    I feel like I'm slipping into a flare real fast again.
    I feel like I just go in circles nothing ever changing unless its for the worse.
    I dont want more pills I want to know whats causeing me to throw up and I want it to stop not just be given a pill,that works for a few hours.
  2. They can put a tube down your throat (don't worry, you will be in lah-lah land) and see what is going on with your stomache. I have to see a GI doctor once a year. I have colon polyps, first one found at age 32. I also have a spastic colon.

    Had to go to the ER not long ago, for a pain in my chest so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. The ER doc gave me some numbs-it stuff and told me I have a heiatal hernia. LOVELY.

    I hope you feel better. Drink some Sprite and eat some saltine crackers. That just made me think, any chance you could be pregnant? With my first daughter, I threw up morning, noon and night. ???


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    and those parts are no longer in me. LoL
    I think it could be from my Effecsor meds and I might be getting an ulcer.
    Thank you for writting me .If I find out what it is Ill Post it