Primary Biliary Cirrhosis ( PBC)

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  1. 139864

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    Is there anyone on these Message Boards With ...Primary Biliary Cirrhosis ???
    As I have been scanning the boards for any mention of it and as yet I haven't come across anything concerning it .
    I am really surprised as their is a support group in the U.S which has over three thousand members and also one in the UK that has over ten thousand members ,and the majority of all of these people suffer with more than one .Auto immune disease ,most have been dx'ed with three or four I have myself
    PBC has no known cause or cure as yet .It was thought to be an "Autoimmune Disease " but recent research has shown that their is an Environmental element to it so perhaps it won't be too long before we have the cure
    Thank You for reading and I wish you all WELL
    Brenda UK.

  2. rockyjs

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    Brenda, your topic got posted twice...I answered on the other one which you can find by going back on the list.

  3. 139864

    139864 New Member

    DOH thats me
    Thank you
    I will be more careful in future

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