Primary doc says I should now be exercising

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    an hour a day. (This is the doctor I've seen just twice -- I switched to her after being dismissed by my previous doctor when I asked her to approve the Igenix WB tests for me.)

    It's right in my chart that I have FM, asthma and now Lyme and Babesiosis -- but she thinks that now I'm on medication for the Lyme it's time to jump into an exercise program. After all, it will help the FM, help me lose weight, and help my blood pressure come down.

    In actual fact, my experience has been that exercise is BAD for me -- causing severe muscle spasms and weakness and fatigue for 2 or 3 days after mild exertion such as vaccuming the floors. Fortunately I don't see this dr. for my FM; I have a rheumy for that. I do think I'll probably shop for a new primary doctor, based on the conversation at this office visit.

    I feel about half-dead. Part of this may be the new medications. And if I felt well enough to exercise, I'd sure be catching up on my housework before I'd be heading out to a gym!

    I know this is a bit of a rant and I'm sorry for that.

    I got the Lyme diagnosis and meds about 2 weeks ago.

    Those of you who've been through this -- what is a reasonable timeframe to expect to feel human again? At least human enough to start doing the everyday things I used to take for granted?



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    Janelle, you are right -- you need to go very slowly in order to avoid a flare or relapse.

    Two weeks??!!

    I am so tired of people saying we have to "push through."
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    I've suspected CFS for years but the rheumy says not because I don't have the swollen glands.

    They claim the 2 or 3 day recovery time is due to deconditioning and that if I'd only start exercising regularly it would get better.

    I just don't believe it.

    And I'm feeling worse on the new meds than I have in a long time (even though I knew they would have this effect and I'm OK with that since it will help in the long run.)

    It just seems like the wrong time to start an intensive exercise program even if I DID believe the fatigue was due to deconditioning.

    Best wishes,

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    Most of us here on the Lyme section of this board have had prior diagnoses of CFS and/or FM only to find out we have Lyme Disease triggering the muscle pain and fatigue.

    Many of us after treating the Lyme have had muscle pain and fatigue go away or get better. Fatigue and muscle pain are usually the last things to go away with Lyme treatment.

    After you've been on Abx for a few weeks and the intial herx is over or the worst is behind you then you may feel like you want to get up and move. Go with what your body tells you not your idiot doctor!

    When you feel like moving start out with one minute a day. Then increase it to 2 when you think one is ok. Don't go to 2 if you are pooped at 1.

    Exercise on a sunny day always cheers me up. This is how I got up to 45 min to 1 hour a day. But I used some common sense about it. Trying to start out at and hour a day is a suicide mission.

    You may want to have your cell phone handy in case you want to call an ambulance. In my case it was my inhalers and the cell phone.

    Your post just goes to show how little doctors understand Babs & Borrelia! They'd no more tell someone with the flu or a bad cold to go work out at the gym.

    Have your read these guidelines yet?
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    First off, you don't NEED to have to have swollen lymph glands to have a CFS diagnosis. This is just one of the eight primary symptoms for which you need four. I would look into it, but at the same time don't get so caught up in diagnoses. What matters most is that each of your symptoms is addressed.

    My belief is simply that if you excercise and you feel like shit afterwards then your body is sending you a signal that it is not able to handle such exertion. That signal that your body is sending you is more accurate than any blood test or any doctor's opinion. Only you can sense that signal and likewise you should be the only one to decide for yourself if you're ready for physical exertion.

    I currently carry the CFS diagnosis and I'm being treated for that (though I was diagnosed and treated for lyme 15 years ago and I believe that has something to do with my CFS). I have a relatively "mild" case of CFS and I am able to tolerate certain kinds of exercise, mainly hiking. If I try to do anything too intense I will faint.

    Two years ago I fainted at the gym after pushing myself to hard while I was feeling unwell. I had to have $13,000 worth of dental surgery to reconstruct my injuries. The lesson I learned from that: I don't give a crap what anyone else tells me is right for me. I only do what I think I can handle.

    As far as when you will be back to normal, I think that depends on how long you've been infected. This is not an easy and strait forward disease to treat. I hope you are working with an LLMD.