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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bruin63, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Bruin63

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    I don't know about you all, but for me it's been a long time it seems since my favorie shows have been on.

    dancing with the stars starts tonight, that's my fav.
    i also love so you think you can dance, it's starting up again also. darn it, overlapping shows makes me nutty.

    i do have one of thoes new dvd records that dishnetwork has, so i can record 2 shows at once, and then i make my hubby put on a 3rd, and we watch it together, thankgoodness, he pretty much likes the same ones.

    amazing race, starts on our annivarsay, i wish i was in good health i would love to try out for that show./

    the csi shows are restarting, also criminal minds, i have been watching the show's on a&e, which are reruns from the begining, and so they have been new ones to me.

    what show's are you all looking forward to.

    hope your day's as painfree as possible.

  2. sorekitty

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    I just found out my favorite show, The Big Bang Theory is NEW tonight. OMG I am so excited. I wanted so much for Jim Parson's who plays Sheldon to win best lead actor in comedy. But no. He really deserved it.

    My other fav is Criminal Minds. Of course I like the geeky, intellegent guy. Matthew Gray Gubler but can't remember his name in the show.

    I always go for the Asperger types. My husband and now son dx as Aspies. Big Bang Theory is great to give inspiration to where my son may be in 15 or so years;) We think he will be more independant and social like Leonard instead of Sheldon.

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  3. mysticbrit

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    I'm excited to see some of my favorites, Bones, Criminal Minds, Monk and the new Jay Leno show back on but my second favorite show, Army Wives is winding down to the last 2 episodes. My hubby discoved that show last year and we love it.

    I've never gotten into the other CSI shows (Miami & NY) and kind of gave up on the original after Grissom left. Also, House used to be one of my favorites but just didn't like last season's. I started to watch the new one but turned it off. Too intense and/or too close to home. All I could think was what if I wasn't able to take my pain pills anymore. The last 2 years have been so bad I've had to take them daily just to function.

    Monk is in its last season and I'm really going to miss him. At least there are lots of reruns and my husband bought me the DVD of one of the seasons.

    Bones is my favorite (I love the interaction of Bones & Booth). When that show debuted I was dissapointed because Kathy Reichs (sp?) is one of my fav. authors and I expected Bones to be just like her character in the book. I got over my issues by the 2nd show and just appreciate the TV version for what it is.

    Criminal Minds is one of the few shows that still scares me - LOL. I don't like being reminded that there are people out there who do those horrible things. I like MGG (Reed) too. His brain power just amazes me.

    The only reality show I watch regularly is American Idol. Each year I swear I won't watch it but I still do - LOL.

    I watched Dancing with the Stars the year the race car driver won. I tune in once in awhile, usually when they get down to the last 5 or 6 contestants.

    Thank goodness for our DVR. I've noticed when my pain levels are peaking I can't concentrate so having the DVR allows me to go back and see the show again.


  4. keke466

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    I'm so glad too they are finally on. I like to watch Monk,Psych,In Plain Sight,Law and Order SUV,sometimes L&O Criminal Intent when Jeff Goldblum is not on it,Two and Half Men,How I Met Your Mother,The BIg Bang Theory,Old Christine,Medium,Jay Leno,Desperate Housewives,Lost.

    I want to check out the new Kelsey Grammar show called Hank,I like him.I only watch Dancing WTS when I'm at work cause a coworker tapes it and we watch it when we're not busy. I have 2 vcr's and tape stuff all the time to watch when I'm up. I dont know how to do it with a dvd player.
  5. Bruin63

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    It looks like the season will be better still for some of my fav.s

    I never miss Dancing with the Stars, and my one big outting is going to the Tour show, in Dec.
    Last year we go, the disability seat's, they were cheaper and better really.

    I think there is a a pair on the Amazing Race, one of them has Asbers sorry spellng is off, any way I think his personility is so sweet, and he is doing well, not being on his reg. routine.

    If I had more enegry, I would try, even being elimanated early, would still be worth it.
    trouble is, the people who produce the show, are clients of where my hubby works, so we couldn't anyway.
    makes me feel better, that why i can't blame the dd's, lol

    I read that Jeff Goldblum is going to be the main chartcer, (sp)
    and that my fav. Vincent DeOrfono (sp) is being fazed out, I am very ticked off about it.
    I guess writting them wouldn't hurt, at least they would know, they should keep them both, and rotate like they were.

    we all have different flavors of entertament, and some alike, hope we can share views now and then.

    So you think you can dance is on 2 nights now, so I can catch one of them, lol,

    happy viewing,