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    I am posting in reply to your earlier post about accepting this dd....i wanted to make sure you got this...i do know what your mother is talking has taken me 22yrs to figure it out sounds like you are still in the anger phase of mourning the person you thought you would be before becoming ill....i have had fm for 22 yrs but only dx 4yrs ago....accepting this means you must be ready to say..."I have fm." period. then let go of what you thought things were going to be and get on with what will amount of anger will bring any of that back, but will in fact poison your body and prevent you from making a new and beautiful life with this dd....we all have such precious little energy to begin with that is sad to see anyone wasting it frivolously on anger . it is counter productive to really are very strong...stronger that you allow yourself to go to work every day...why...because you must...period...if all of your thoughts and time are put into focusing on your illness and your pain, you become more and more acutely aware of it and feel more of it....that is why meditation is soo helpful...try focusing on all the wonderful things you do have....your mother i.e. she sounds like a wonderful are very lucky to have a support person who can relate to this in your must focus on all that is good and let go of the bad....treat the symptoms...absolutely....but with those meds you are able to do so much!!you have your can take in the wonder of the beautiful world around have your hearing and can take in the beautiful have fm and must accept that. as it wont change just because you are angry about it.....please allow yourself to live...put all the energy you do have into enjoying what you can and dont let any of the negative take any of that away from letting the anger and negativity creep in you are letting the dd win...dont let it steal any more from you than it has already....
    I hope i have gotten my feelings across the way i meant a bit foggy myself today....but the baby actually slept last night and im in a bit less pain today...and the rain is supposed to stop at least for awhile!!!! YEAH! I will keep you in my prayers and hope for a quick spritual healing for that you can be happy....
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    I will read all you have written again (fogged here also) and see what I can do with it.
    I think most people are done with the anger after 16 years and I do know I am not.
    I appreciate everything you wrote and I honestly will read it again and see if I can make some changes.
    Take care
    Yes my mom is great. She is as close to an angel as a human could ever be, not only to me but to all she meets.[This Message was Edited on 06/06/2003]