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    Hi awl,

    I actually did some investigating on Google chrome today and actually found some great pics and maps of where I used to live, even as little child and going to elementary school. I wanted to make a printout of the houses and area and there was no way that I could see to take the pictures.

    Sometimes there are places that say PRINT in the article for printer friendly. Also, I usually can go to file and then print but there is non on Google chrome and maybe Google too.

    Are there any tricks that I can do to get them printed out? I will be upset if I can't. Was so curious especially about my original house I grew up in in NY till elementary school and graduation. Then we moved again in H.S. and my parents lived there till they died and then we sold the house. The original house was so small but was really gutted and remodeled as were a lot of homes in that area. The original homes were small but were often extended out and up too as the area was good and on the bus line and all too.

    Thanks to any techie in advance :)!!

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    P.S. I forgot to mention what I found was from a real estate section and perhaps there would also be another different website that would have pictures that could be printed out. The name of the site is called They give the pictures of the homes now and their values and when the homes were built, etc. Very interesting. However, I cannot figure out how to print these pages out.

    I would so happy if I could get these or other pictures of these homes that I could print out with how they are now. My very first home I lived in was a pretty old one built in 1920.

    Thanks so much.

    More hugs,
  3. Nanie46

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    Hi Granni,

    I am not a techie, but try right clicking while your cursor is not on the image, but off to the side.
    When I do that, I get a print option.
  4. hangininthere

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    I just looked this up, I don't have Google Chrome.

    To print just the picture, right-click directly on the picture and select "Print frame".

    'How To Print in Google Chrome'

    To print the whole web page you're currently viewing in Google Chrome, click the Page menu and select "Print". The 'Print' dialog box for Windows will open; follow the instructions given.

    To print a specific frame in the webpage, right-click anywhere in the frame and select "Print frame".

  5. tooks

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    I use Chrome. The menu is at the very end of the url line. First there is a star (for bookmarking) then there are 3 horizontal bars. Click on the bars and you will see "print."
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thank you Tooks, Patti and Nanie for your wonderful suggestions. I will try them and at least one should work. I appreciated your suggestions so VERY much. I have run into this situation before and it was frustrating not knowing how to print. This should be very helpful !!

    Hugs to you all,:)
  7. rockgor

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    Hi Granni

    Your question is much too technical for my small brain. I don't even know what Google Chrome
    is. The only chrome I am familiar with is the stuff on car bumpers. But, of course, those
    disappeared decades ago.

    I'm impressed that many of our posters are well informed on such arcane topics.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock et al,

    Yes, it is great that there are so many who can share their little talents. I can do the basics in computers which I understand there are quite a few our ago who know little about computers. However, in comparison to some and I a techie which I am far from.

    From what I understand Google Chrome is just a little upgraded Google. It works rather the same way. That is something quite new as I understand it.

    Again, thanks to all who answered and helped me get some of the pictures I wanted for my genealogy. I am going to find some more old homes that we lived in which will be interesting to see how people have changed them over the years. Although, I really didn't remember a whole lot about my parents first home which they lived in till I was about 13 or so. It was built in 1920 and owned first by an uncle of mine I believe. The first home for them was 1314 sq. ft. and they thought it was probably big for them :)!! Curious what they paid for it. My mom is gone and she would have known but I will just have to guess, I supposed !! The next home I lived in till I married and they stayed there till they both passed on. That was 1682 sq ft- quite an upgrade for them. I had an upstairs bedroom with my brother (not the same room) and there was no bathroom up there either. There was one bath in the house. The people who bought it when it was sold extended out and up and I am sure made another bathroom for sure. Was curious about the store that was across the street form my parents first house , if it was still there, The building is or part of it but it is now a small community church. Really interesting.

    Hugz and thanks again to all,
    Granni :)!!
  9. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Hi Granni. Thanks for the update, was in suspense wondering if you'd get the pictures printed, yayyyy!

    I too love to look up the houses I've lived in, and my friends and relatives too - pics and valuations and all, especially the Google street view pics where you move the view around and see it from all sides of house and all the neighboring houses too.

    I just type in the address in the Google Search bar, then click the big map that's first on the list, and it's all there.

    I had to look up Google Chrome, have been hearing about it but didn't know exactly what it was - it's a browser like the Mozilla Firefox I use, and Internet Explorer, right? I think I've read somewhere that it's good to use with the Smartphones.

    Hey Rock, me and hubby love the old classic cars, those were the days, real works of art. We have a funny family story about my hubby. Decades ago when he was a teen and riding with his mom in their new car for the first time, he was being silly and hanging out the window yelling in an excited sing-song voice to people in other cars and pedestrians "SEE THE CHROME? SEE THE CHROME?"

    My faves are the monstrosities with fins. Whenever I see those, I joyfully exclaim "FINS!"

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Patti, I'm so old I can remember riding in a rumble seat. When I was a kid cars had running boards
    and a clock in the dashboard. The clock, however, was usually not running. They tended to die after
    a year or two. And cars did not have electric turn signals. You stuck your arm out the window.

    And no such thing as power steering or braking. And no one had a/c except maybe movie stars.
    But cars did have little triangular windows in the corners that would blow hot air into the car.
    Very helpful. LOL One could still see model Ts and As driving around occasionally.

    Mr Chase, our 90 year old neighbor had a Model T. There wasn't much left of it. It had been
    parked under an elm tree for decades. We kids used to sit on the battered and crumbling seats
    and take trips. Sometimes we'd pull a radish or a turnip from his garden. This was not
    petty theft. In our village we often got apples from neighbors' trees or berries from their
    bushes. Standard neighborly behavior. No one ever complained.

    I remember the 70s as the big fin era, but Wikipedia says it was actually the 50s and 60s. In
    any case, those days are farther away from now than the Model T was from the days of my yute.
    (That's how my mother and uncle pronounced "youth".

    Good ta hear from ya.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Rock and Patti,

    I too remember all the things you mentioned Rock. In our neighborhood I didn't see any or many model T's. I still remember the little almost bug like car my dad had. Not sure of the make, maybe a Ford. Yes, I also remember that small triangular mirror that wasn't much good. Yes, it blew hot hair on you when it was very HOT out. Oh yes, I remember the fins - I think they were more in the 50's and 60's. The guys just loved them and girls too I might add :)!!

    Patti - Thanks for your newsy post. The one problem I did have was I couldn't get a picture of when you can change the view to another area on the view. Also, one area that had a picture on the screen came out blank on the paper. You could see this when you went to print out also on the screen. When it went to print the picture disappeared from the screen - strange. However, I did get some pics from another part of the screen. This was a real estate site I believe that gave all the info and had some pics. I may just check out putting the address in there and see what comes up too.

    Rock - This whole things started when we were talking about how far away we had to WALK to school. It seemed like such a long way. It was pretty long for a young child. When I got the full address with zip ( we had no zips when I lived there) I went to MapQuest to see the mileage. It was a little less than I mile I believe . Things looks so different now from what little I could tell. The houses seem to be fairly well kept up in that area now. Wonder what my parents paid for it . It is now over $350,000 for an approx. 1500 sq ft. house , if I remember correctly. This is of course NY and the homes are definitely more expensive there too besides Ca. and perhaps other states too.

    Gotta run and get ready to leave for church.

    TTYL ! :)

    Love to awl,
  12. hangininthere

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    Hi guys. I read that it's a Midwest thing that they call everyone guys, and sure 'nuff, haha.

    Shoot, Granni. I googled some more about the exact problems you had with printing the street view and it was common.

    In fact, it said Google Chrome doesn't print street view pics. Hadn't ran across that one before.

    People said to use other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer - but a lot of them had the same problem too.

    I noticed that the street view is in 3-D. I wonder if that's the problem, just can't print 3-D pics, like maybe printer can't handle it?

    If I right click on the street view pic, it has an option to turn the 3-D off. But then the picture is blurry, no good.

    Some people said there is a trick to print the street view though.

    You have to download it into your computer into Windows Paint - then print it from there. I couldn't figure out the instructions, too complicated for me. I never could figure out how to use the Paint.

    And they said you can't let the arrow move and alter or move or budge in the slightest the street view pic while you're printing it (or downloading it to Paint) - pic has to stay perfectly still. And can only queue one pic at a time to print or it will disappear.

    I noticed the other day when experimenting with it, that the pic wouldn't show up in print preview if I had it too enlarged for a close-up view. It showed up blank.

    A lot of people had the exact same problem as you. The pic showed up in the preview, but then printed out blank.

    Well, at least you got to see the marvelous street view pics online!

    I love hearing everyone's memories! Me and hubby are both nostalgic people, we have fun telling our memories over and over to each other throughout the years, and it never gets old, haha.

    Rock, the Model T you kids got to play in - what a blast! That would have been so fun for us girls playing house with too, we could take a trip to the grocery store, haha.

    We were able to talk the boys in my neighborhood gang into playing house with us once in a while. Dennis always wanted to be the dog. LOL That was fun.

    Several years ago hub's brother gave us his 1985 passenger van, which we have to this day. Me and hub were so excited that it had those little wing windows. The second time we drove it, the handle on the passenger side one broke, so we've kept them shut ever after, since the broken one still locks.

    Rock, Gordon was totally right about relaxing your tongue, hahahaha!

    That's one of the first steps of my relaxation technique when laying here all tense needing to fall asleep.

    First step:

    Unclench jaw. Unclench teeth.

    Second step:

    Relax tongue from cleaving tight to roof of mouth. Get tongue down.

    Relax tongue - get tongue to slide back along bottom of mouth toward throat, relaxed.

    To unclench my jaw, I open my mouth real wide, slowly and briefly, wide like when you yawn.

    Takes a few times of briefly opening mouth wide over the next minute to finally stay unclenched and relaxed.

    Then let the tongue relax and slide back.

    This really helps me a lot, when I finally remember to do it.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Patti,

    Thanks for the nice long post and also instructions on how to relax ones mouth and tongue :)!!!!

    Also, I am not going to worry about taking any more pictures off Google that are not just the basic picture. Yep, to complicated for me too and I am to lazy, I pretty much wanted to see what the street looked like now. The original one that was my parents 1st real house looks sort of the same but probably in better shape and fixed up on the outside. Interesting to see they built on the empty lot where we played. The park was still there and the little store that was across the street now turned into a little community church. Not sure if I mentioned all that before so please forgive if I had already mention this.

    Thanks again so much for replying to me and for taking the time to let me know what I could do if I was so inclined. Real brain fog - nothing to involved for me :)!!

    Hugz to you and anyone else who may be peaking in , and posted before :)!!!
  14. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Yes, so fascinating to see all the places you and yours lived before, and to read the history of the houses.

    Me and hubby grew up in the area we are now, and when we were first married we had fun taking a drive, showing each other all the houses we lived in and our grandparents' and relatives' houses they used to live in. They sure have changed, and the areas around them, that's for sure.

    Hugs to you, Granni.

    And Happy Happy Birthday to Rock.

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Patti, Thanks for the b-day wishes. I always say doesn't really matter how many b-days. If one
    works at it, one can still be immature.

    When I was a kid I used to look at some grownups and wonder. Were you ever a kid? Don't you
    remember? Or were you a big jerk even then? Three of my college roommates are just as silly now as
    they were half a century ago. It has kept them young, at least in spirit.

    One of the best toys we ever had was a refrigerator carton. When I was young, we had no refrigerator
    In the winter food was stored on the back porch (this was Minnesota). In the summer it went in the
    cellar which had doors outside the house (like the Wizard of Oz). Anyhoo that cartoon was a clubhouse
    and a fort and a submarine and I can't remember what all. After 3 or 4 summer showers it gave up
    the ghost.

    Gotta go. Gordon turned on the attic fan which is overhead. Kinda like having an old fashioned
    non-jet plane in the house.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock, et al,

    Yes, years ago it just took a simple thing like an empty box to provide hours of imaginative play for all kids. Now, so much of that is gone, which is sad. Now there are just to many gadgets, while I do love some of them, like a computer and a smart phone. Although it looks like I may have to give up my smart phone when our contract expires as the cost is really a bit much. How can everyone afford all this stuff? I know some supposedly poor people get their own phones , but that is another sad story.

    Now we see little ones running around with their own phones, ridiculous, Everyone now, no matter how young thinks they have everything, and the most expensive stuff. Yes, give little boys a stick and they will make it a gun, like my brother used to do, etc. etc. Yep, and a box was a good fort :)!! Sounds like your attic ceiling fan isn't the newest :)!!

    Patti - Hope you are doing OK today. Things are much the same. DH has a meeting this a.m. and probably luncheon afterwards . So, will have some time on the computer but also need to weed, wash and other things. May even do some more checking on addresses on houses we lived in years ago. I got the street view but not just the house,, strange. Also need to so some more checking prices for supplements, but may check CVS/Caremark when I go today to pick up my thyroid meds. Usually have them mailed but am trying out another dose change, so only get 30 days worth . If they don't have what I am looking for I may have to order on line. I order quite a bit on line anyway.

    Have a great day and maybe I will be back later.

  17. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Hi guys. Was wiped out for a few days - glad my brain finally revived to write, yayyy.

    Rock, did Gordon make you a birthday cake? My grown son wanted pie instead for a few years, and now he switched to cheesecake, yummy, my top fave too.

    Us neighborhood kids had a refrigerator box once too. That was a blast.

    I just thought of this - you know how we feel sorry for kids nowadays for being glued to their gadgets and less simple imaginative play?

    Well, they probably feel sorry for us who had to play with sticks and boxes. Hahahahaha.

    Boy, those were the days. We always came up with something fun to do.

    I thought I saw someone mention here a while back that they didn't like moving out to the country because there were no sidewalks. Or maybe it was just me, I mentioned it before.

    Lived in city elementary school years, when it was safe to leave doors unlocked at night. We rode our trikes and bikes up and down the sidewalk. Played jump rope, hopscotch, roller skated with our little metal skates with the metal skate key to attach them to our shoes.

    Then moved out to the country, no sidewalks to do all that stuff on anymore. But it was replaced by exploring down at the creek, catching little crawdads. And tree houses.

    I always got stuck up in the tree houses afraid to get back down. Terrified of heights to this day. I could get up there just fine. But looking down to get on ladder to climb back down was another story - I'd be stuck there at least 10 minutes so scared I'd fall, before I finally just had to do it. I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck up a tree house, or on a one story rooftop, hahahaha.

    In the country, we still had Hide n Seek, Ghost in the Graveyard (same thing only played after dark, haha), tag, freeze tag, kickball, softball, football, and on and on.

    Granni, I know you're busy busy busy getting ready for your upcoming trip. Have a wonderful trip.

    And good luck getting your thyroid med adjusted. Takes a while to get it tweaked just right - takes a lot of experimenting til you get just the right dose, from what I've read.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Patti, Rock and everydobby else :)!!

    Not getting ready yet to leave on our trip. It will be towards the end of next week but now have to cancel things coming up and make other appointments.. Do you think we should start an OLDER, MORE EXPERIENCED CORNER of these boards - he he :)!! To bad I never got to climb up in a tree house. I probably would be like you, Patti and be afraid to get down if I was up the first place. We weren't in the country but we were in the semi suburbs, I guess you would call it. Not exactly the city but a little ways out,

    Speaking of thyroid meds, I too am going through the tweaking stage I guess you would call it. So far not to bad we have to wait till the I get to do another blood draw in a few months.

    Just wanted to pop in to say hi. Just got in from doing some weeding outside. It is already so hot and I put on long pants and long sleeved shirt today as I already have a smalls spot on my upper arm of poison something or another. Trying to keep it from spreading. It can be so itchy - grrr !

    TTYAL !