private disability plans.

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    private disability plans.

    I have a question... I have seen lots of post advising to get a personal disability plan.... can you do this with an existing med condition ?
    can anyone give me some names of plans to check out. ? or some sort of direction to go to find out..

    not sure how much longer I can do this ( work that is ) I have short term and long term through work with Cigna.. but as many have said some times they deny you . I am concerned about this.

    any help will be greatly appreciated .
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    Make no mistake about it: private disability plans will be as hard to collect benefits from than either SSDI or any disability plan through your employment. The privates are money-making businesses and don't want to pay benefits either.

    I would say that it is unlikely that you would be accepted by most private disability plans due to your documented health problems. The exception might be if you applied to one that has a connection to a professional or other organization you belong to. An example might be a Ph.D. psychiatrist who is a member of the American Psychological Association. The Association might have disability insurance as one of its benefits, and may have less strict acceptance policies since they are offering the policies via a group.

    It doesn't look like anyone has any suggestions. You are going to have to do the legwork on this one. Start making phone calls, checking the internet for insurance companies that offer LTD privately,etc.

    It is one of the many ironies of the American insurance industry (which has a HUMONGOUS lobby in Washington D.C.) that you can only qualify for health insurance and/or LTD insurance if you are perfectly well!