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    I just placed my order with Pro Health and wanted to let everyone know that there is free shipping this week if you place an order in excess of $50.00. As Mikie has stated in an earlier post, we need to support this company. They supply us with this wonderful website and you get to choose what organization from a long list of where you would like them to contribute a portion of the profit from your order. I am not in any way associated with this company but I do appreciate what they do.
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    I have used some of the ProHealth products and think they are great. The Melatonin works better than any other I have tried - especially the sublingual 2.5mg tablets. I cut them in half and am able to get to sleep.

    Yes, we must support this wonderful site by using these terrific products.

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    Thanks for letting us know about the free shipping I need to get another order off to them. I will be sure to do it this week.
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    I wanted to try some of their products. Thanks for letting us all know!!

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    Thank you so much for letting us know about the free shipping. I need to order some stuff, so this is perfect timing!

    I looked on the home site and the free shipping goes until Jan 3, 2006 on orders over $50.

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