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  1. SayCheese

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    Besides the terrible neck and shoulderpain, I have no control over my arms for a couple of weeks now.
    It worries me and makes me feel scared and very insecure.

    When I try to reach for my coffee or something I miss it because my arm makes a sort of overshoot. (I hope someone is understanding what I mean because I find it very hard to explain, especia11y in Eng1ish.)
    Bringing something to my mouth is a1so difficu1t and sometimes I even hit mysef in the face.

    I hope some of you recgonize this. I do have CTS on both hands, but don't think that's the cause.

    Warm regards, SayCheese

  2. Shirl

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    I do get that sometimes, but not as bad as you are describing or for as long a time.

    I would call the doctor if this continues.

    I have this over reaching problem now and then, but usually during a Flare. The shoulder and back pain is my worst problems with the FM, and does cause me to do this also.

    I had to turn the 'dish' in the microwave upside down, it has a 'lip' on the edge of it about a quarter of an inch, but I would reach in and not lift the cup high enough, thus spill very hot tea all over the counter and the microwave.

    Since I turned it upside down, I am not doing this anymore.

    When I am tired, I am very much lacking dexterity. But not all the time like you stated.

    Call your doctor, and see what he/she has to say about this. It could be something besides FM/CFS.

    Let us know what the doctor had to say............

    Shalom, Shirl

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  3. Holly917

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    Do either of your parents have the same problems with their arms? My mother actually does. She takes a medication to keep her from throwing her coffee accross her lap. :) It has helped her, but not cured it. Ask your doctor about essential tremors, and if that is your problem, or if it is just tension and muscle spasms.

    Good luck!
  4. SayCheese

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    Thank you for your replies.

    In 2002 I've been to a neurologist for this (among alot of other sx) and had a brain MRI and a EMG done. The MRI was clear and the EMG just showed CTS in both hands.

    There is no visual tremor except when I do the little tasks like putting the cap of my pen back on or trying to thread a needle etc. My arms do feel shaky though with no tension or muscle spasms.

    I know I should go and see my doctor again on this.
    I was blaming it on the CFS/FM and waiting for it to pass, but you are right, Shirl, it could be something totally different.

    Thanks again and I will let you know what the doctor said.

    All the best, SayCheese

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  5. Shirl

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    When you do go to your doctor, have them check your magnesium levels.

    I did notice that I get this less frequently since taking magnesium supplements.

    Most of us with FM/CFS are deficient in this mineral, and it is so necessary for so many vital things in our bodies.

    Its worth asking.

    Shalom, Shirl