Probiotic Therapy Knocks Down Inflammation in chronic fatigue syndrome

Discussion in 'Digestion' started by CortJ, Jul 22, 2013.

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    I wanted to bump this and see if we can get some feedback on if anyone has noticed any difference taking probiotics, how much they take and what brand if so.
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    I think the only probiotic that this is available in is "Align". I have only taken Align for a short period of time so it is too soon to know whether it is making any difference or not. So far I haven't noticed any improvement in CFS/ME symptoms.
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    I started my husband on them and now I have started. Myself for digestive problems and I guess his would be the same because of diarrhea problems he has had since he had his chemo 2 years ago. There was a difference in him in two weeks. Also my daughter-in-law asked me we had noticed a difference in his migraines. She has noticed that when she has a headache in the temple area going from one to the other over the forehead that it is her digestive track. She might also break out in the chin area. She starts probiotics and everything clears up.
    I talk to the acupuncturist and she said that would make since because in Chinese medicine the temple areas are considered contacted to the digestive track. She also said it could take a few months on the probotics.
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    It's getting pretty frustrating for him, we have tried so many things for his headaches. The chemo he thinks has effected his memory and such. But I have told him that being in constant pain will also cause being in a fog and memory. I am running out of ideas to try.