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  1. deblin

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    haven't posted in awhile but since starting up on probiotics,
    I seem to crave sweets like i never have before

    Does anyone know why that is?

    I was always a salt eater before

  2. JoFMS

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    Hi Deblin,

    Interesting you write that. I just started taking acidophilus about 5 days ago and yesterday and today I have eaten lots of sugar and have been without any sugar for over 2 months - naughty me! At least I know why now.

    Thanks for posting this x
  3. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    Dr. Crook describes a die-off response by the yeasts and that your body adapts to living with them. He says that this will subside as they come under control and balance (homeostatis). Yeasts and bacteria crowd each other for space in the colon. Eating sugar, taking antibiotics push the balance in favor of the yeasts. Yeasts can puncture the villi of the small intestine and make "leaky gut" syndrome with lots of food allergies and an overloaded liver.

    Probiotics are "healthy bacteria" and they also produce systemic enzymes.

    Salt craving is a symptom of adrenal fatigue, James Wilson N.D. says that things like Candida or CFS can overstress the body. So less salt craving is a good sign of healing.

    I had my best success with Candida using 3-Lac, three strains of Lactobacillius bacteria. Minimal die-off sugar cravings. I have less gas too.

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