Probiotics & Antibiotics- Take separately??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pam_d, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. pam_d

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    I know someone has written about this before, but with all the probiotic and antibiotic discussions, I couldn't find it!

    I have to be on an antibiotic (Keflex 250mg. 4Xday) for 10 days for an infected toe. I take probiotics anyway as part of my regular regimen.

    I believe someone posted that they shouldn't be taken together, but both are to be taken on an empty stomach. Can they be taken as close together as one hour apart? I'm on a pretty regimented rotation diet for allergies; I only have so many spaces in the day where I can take things on an empty stomach. Also, should I be upping the amount of probiotics temporarily because I'm on an antibiotic? I normally take a Powerdophillus capsule 3Xday.

    Thanks to anyone who can shed any light on this for me!!

  2. pam_d

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    ...I know this is a pretty mundane question, but hoping someone has experience with this.....
  3. layinglow

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    Pam--I take Probiotics on a regular basis too--they have been a godsend. I have been plagued with chronic kidney infections since age 13, and the corresponding antibiotic therapies.

    I don't have as many infections now--since taking mannose, but when I do, I have to take a seven day regime of Cipro.

    During the antibiotic therapy, I quit taking my Probiotics, then return immediately after the course of antibiotics.

    My reasoning is....that the antibiotics are going to kill ALL flora in the gut--so it's a waste of money to pour in the probiotics that the antibiotics are going to kill off.

    Prior to my probiotic treatment my gut was a wreck (IBS/Leaky Gut/Candida Overgrowth. It is in good shape now, Gut symptoms alleviated. I have had to go on quite a few rounds of antibiotic therapy since working on my gut. I have found that this temporary discontinuation of probiotics, has not set me back at all. I return at normal doseage of probiotics.

    Best wishes,
  4. pam_d

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    Good points! I, unfortunately, have to do these ABX 4 times a day, but I'm not a regular user of them. I think I will still do the probiotics along with the ABX, even though LL's point about them probably being wasted is well-taken-----I'm doing the "leaky gut recovery" too, & it's good to know that a person can pretty much get back to "normal" after the ABX are done...

    Thanks for the info!
  5. PatPalmer

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    My daughter had an infection on a toe, regularly off and on for years, she was given antibiotics which didn`t work.

    Seeing your post has just reminded me of this problem and she say`s it has been fine now for months...

    It`s a coincidence that she has been on Olive Leaf Extract since November last year, this was to help get shot of her Mycoplasma infection.

    OLE is a very potent natural Antibiotic which doesn`t kill the good guys, you may want to try this instead?

    The acidophilus can be taken anyway if you have purchased it, it`s good stuff.

    Love Pat.
  6. praisingHim

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    I am on probiotics and antibiotics also....It is best to take the probiotics on an empty stomach. I take my antibiotics in the AM (doctors orders for mycoplasma) and the probiotics at bedtime when my stomach is empty (or is supposed to be.....ha). My doctor said to be sure to take the probiotics while on antibiotics to prevent yeast infections, so I would keep taking them, but try to take the probiotics on an empty stomach. I know, I have the same problem. I am on so much stuff, some with food, some without gets confusing! Have a blessed day!
  7. pam_d

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    Unfortunately, I have to use the antibiotic this time, this toe thing has been dragging on for months; however, I just bought some OLE from this website & am adding it to my regimen, & will continue OLE after the antibiotic is done----maybe this will help keep it from coming back!

  8. pam_d

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    Thanks for the info; I'm going to try & take the probiotic & antibiotic at least an hour apart!!