probiotics on the news?

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    tonight I caught the end of a segment about probiotics on the evening news. Did anyone else see it? What did they say?

    I heard something about most probiotic supplements don't have the potency they claim to have. ???

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    (I suddenly remembered I was on ABC news, went to their website, and here's the story! Delayed memory, better than none!)

    A Disease Fighting Snack
    HEALTHY LIVING — The number one disease-fighting snack may be sitting right in your refrigerator.

    Sales of yogurt have reached an all time high, 2.87 billion dollars last year.

    Yorgurt is not only tasty and refreshing, some nutritionists call it the number one disease-fighting snack. Yogurt contains live bacteria that strengthen your immune system. They're called probiotics - from the Greek "for life."

    This good bacterium can boost white cell production that can prevent precancerous changes, lower total cholesterol and prevent urinary tract infections, digestive disorders and even bad breath. The trick is to buy a product that contains at least 100 million per gram. And, experts say the more the better.

    Besides yogurt, researchers at Consumer Reports also looked at probiotic supplements. They found some supplements list the amount of probiotic organisms at the time of manufacture, which tends to change by the time you buy them.

    Yogurts don't list colony-forming units (CFU's) on their label, but testers found all the yogurt tested had at least ten billion that is far more than most of the supplements. So along with calcium and protein, it is just one more reason to buy into yogurt.
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    I put my own frest fruit in it, usually berries. This is one of the best snacks a person can eat. It contains live bacteria, antioxidants, and fibre. It is anti-inflammatory.

    We are so used to the sweetened yogurt with fruit that it takes some getting used to when we switch to the plain stuff. The "lite" yogurts contain aspertame and I avoid them.

    I do take probiotic supplements and I know they work. I was on Doxycycline for 2 1/2 years. I could have never stood it without the Jarro-Dophilus.

    Love, Mikie

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    Some one above was asking about Frozen Yogurt...

    I'm not really crazy about Yogurt but go ahead and eat it anyway for the good benfits...

    But my question is, if I freeze the Yogurt does that kill the good Bacteria thats in it????

    I like to put it in the Freezer until it starts to harden a little..Dont know why but I like it better this way. Just really curious though, if I could be killing the good Bacteria by doing so???


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