Probiotics Update

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    I have a longtime friend who I haven't seen for over 5 yrs but she visited her old friends this week from Palm Desert (114 heat). She has dealt with a history of IBS in the form of diarrhea for as long as I've known her, over 30 yrs....

    She announced the other night, she is now taking a quality probiotic every day and is so much improved....I think she said Florastor but I'm not sure, it was Flora........

    I don't take this one but stick with Now Foods 8billion cultures and most days take 30billion+. I've worked up to this higher amount. A talk radio guy swears by Natren's product. For real chronic stomach/colon issues, higher amounts are needed.

    I think more and more conventional MD's are getting smarter and helping their patients more with supps....I see only an integrative MD and do MOST of my own research and healing.