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    i have gastro problem for last 12 years, diarrhea, loose stool (sticky paste), indigestion, no appetite, air in abdomen, sleep disorder, depression, etc.

    i have done all kinds of medical test which are normal, im 200% sure it is all due to gastro problem.. im living a very disturbed live, living like a dear. kindly somebody tell me name of good brand of probiotics which contains about 50, 70 cfu or more,
    moreover tell me how i can import them to my country what will be payment method.


    age33 . wt. 55 kg.
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    I'm sorry to hear of your gastro problems. I too, suffer some of those effects.

    Please check out our store here. ProHealth was founded by an awesome, caring man who also suffers many of the things we all do. This support forum and the generous other community features wouldn't be possible without sales of these very beneficial products. As a very important bounus, ProHealth donates millions of dollars for research for our conditions. :)

    Here is a link to some probiotics here:

    For help with depression, I cannot recommend Sam-E enough. I've tried almost every AD on the market, with no success and horrible side effects. This is one product I will not be without again.

    For specific questions on how to get delivery to you, please send your questions via this forum, they are always very helpful

    Best of health and healing,