Problem ? all my joints and bones hurt to the touch

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    If I were to say that to one of my mds's he would have told me to not touch it.. HA HA. For about a month now all my joints ache so much , my ribs hurt when I take a deep breath, they also hurt to the touch when I wear a bra, my sturum hurts as well right where the ribs meet .
    I have been aching for so long that I feel rotten, I am so sick of my whole body aching from head to my toes. I have pain that is in my muscles and feels like it is so deep that my bones hurt.

    I have had a bad head ache and it does not go away. I have been trying to rest more but I can't sleep at night. I have ambien CR but it makes me nrevous to try it. I used to walk in my sleep when I was a child. I also have asthma so I don't breathe deep enough either so I don't want to be too sedated and not breathe.

    My chest is tight , and it hurts , I just could cry but that would only cause more pain. So I am going to try to sleep now.

    Thanks for every thing
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    I am sorry you are suffering so. When you mentioned the bra, the whole picture came to mind something a therapist told me.

    Are your lymph nodes also swollen? I see a therapist who specializes in lymphatic drainage. One of the the things he told me is that we should never wear an underwire bra as it can disrupt the lymph movement in our bodies. If no MD can figure out why you have such a pain pattern, it might be worth it to look for a therapist in your area and try lymphatic drainage. It moves the lymph around , which helps reduce toxins and swelling in the body, thus reducing pain.

    You could feel a difference in 2-3 sessions (my experience). If you don't, then no harm done and not a lot of money invested.

    I hope this helps and you find some kind of relief very soon!

    Best regards,
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    I know why your hurting so bad "missy"!!!!!!!!

    You have been overdooooooooing it for so many weeks on end with this issue with your Mom's health!!!!!!!

    You need to get someone else to step in and take over more of the just cannot keep doing this hon!

    Enough is enough.....your body is going to shut down if you do not ease up and by shut down I mean you are going to end up in the hospital yourself or complete bed rest!

    PLEASE Rose ask for more help.......if you have to call your church and ask the people there for help....I know that most people at churches would come to your rescue if only you will let them know!!!!!!:)

    I know Rose that you are just trying to be there for your mom and bless your heart that you have been ....and you still can be....but just not as much...

    and anyone who does not like it can just eat some dirt ! LOL

    Seriously...Rose if I find out you are not slowing down and getting someone to help you more Iam going to have to drive to Utah and help you myself.....

    and Iam in bad shape friend so please seriously consider what I have mentioned ok?

    You are in my thoughts and prayers and your friend Doxy hopes that you are feeling much better soon!

    "Oh...and Rose try epsoms salt bath with hot water and allow your body to soak in it for a while! I swear by that stuff it really helps a LOT!


    PS please write to me and let me know how your doing ok?
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    Sorry you are hurting so bad Rosemarie.
    But I can sympathize with you.
    I have a lot of discomfort and pain in my ribs along my sides and also in the front.
    Sometimes under my breast it even itches like crazy and I have a burning sensation.
    My bra is the first thing to come off when I get home from work. LOL!

    Sending you gentle hugs and hope you have a good day soon.
    It's sad to say but sometimes there are more bad days, than good days.
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    Rosemarie, hope you are feeling better. Last week I went into a flare that centered on my ribs and middle to upper back, and I missed 3 days of work and was miserable the last 2 days of the week up until Monday, when it subsided. I felt like all my ribs were broken and it was horrible muscle spasms. I had been on Flexeril along with my Gabapentin, Celexa, and Ambien, along with my suuplements. I had gotten low on gabapentin, and had a few days before pay day so I cut my doses down and I think that along with the weather cahnging caused it. My wonderful doc never questions when I call in and he prescribed me Soma, instead of Flexeril. Taking it along with my Darvocet finally helped me turn the corner. Hope this helps.
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    Gabapentin(Neurontin)and trammadol help take the edge off my similar pain. I have Fibromyalgia and I am being treated by a rheumatologist because Fibromyalgia is a Rheumatic disease.
    Study up on the disease and then call the Americian Arthritis Association and see if they can give you a local refferal to a Rheumatologist who will treat Fibromyalgia and then go and get evaluated for the disorder.
    Sometimes the gabapentin and trammadol is not enough to help my pain and then as a back up my family doctor gives my vicodin and robaxin. Don;t take the trammadol with the vicodin. there is some chemical reason that they cancel eachother out and then it's just a waste of medication.
    I take the vicoden and robaxin with the gabapentin though.
    Gabapentin is a pain reliever that acts by blocking the way pain signals are sent to the brain.
    Robaxin is a muscle relaxer and that has helped a lot with my chest and rib cage pain.
    Good Luck in finding the right pain management for your body.
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    Bone pain is a symptom of hyperparathyroidism; do ask for your blood parathyroid hormone & calcium levels to be checked.
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    I am still feeling terriable. So yesterday I went to see the GP , I thought I must have the flu as I had a sore throat , slight fever, hurts to breathe, I hurt so badly I was crying.
    I got there and his nurse tells me that I look like I

    am hurting DUH! He checked me over listened to my lungs checked my 02 and I was ok no flu, just fibro, it was his office that I learned that I had fibro several years ago.
    He said maybe I should try Lyrcia as it does wonders. I said no thanks I have really bad reactions to meds and I don't want to feel any worse than I already do.

    I had forgotten that I had a e-mail from a friend about Lycira,That was written by Dr.Murphee one of the leading doctors in the treatment of fibro.

    Lyrcia like Neurontin has several unwatned side effects including somnolence {prolonged drowsiness or trance-like condition that may contiune for a number of days}weight gain, edema, dissiness, weakness, fatique, double vision,ataxia{nuscular in-coordination} thought disorder, possibale long term optthalmic problems{ abnormal eyeball movementsand disorders} tremors, back pain, constiaption, muscle aches, memory loss asthenia [weakness},depression, qabnormal thinking, itching, involuntary muscle twitching, serious rash and runny nose.
    Some say that Lyrica does not work well enouigh to have warranted it's FDA approval.

    This is a huge message that is five pages but after reading it there was no way I was going to take it.
    So when I see my doctors next time I am taking it with me. I will try to get it posted so that you to have this info.
    Thanks for all your messages , thoughts and support, I am still learning that flares don't go away in a day and the more stressed out you are the worse you can get. Not so smart am I.
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    My Dr. told me that the reason my bones and joints hurt is that the muscle is connected to them, so while if feels like the bone, it is actually the muscle.

    I take Neurontin for nerve pain. I've had no side effects, weight gain, sleep issues or drowsiness. I'm on a very low dose however, only 300 mg a day, divided into 3 doses. It's a godsend to me

    All the best,

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    Sorry you feel so bad. I have had the same symptoms for years. There are days when it feels worse and there are days when it feels a little bit better. Like you, the paind has become constant in my life and I too am sick and tired of it!

    I am on strong pain meds and take 120mg of Sustained Release Morophine 4 times a day plus vicoden, flexeral and valium. I also have quick acting Morophine for breakthrough pain that I can't fight through. Believe it or not, I can still function every day.

    I have a high pressure job as an apartment manager for about 100 units (I work 60 hours a week minimum) and I am a single mom of a 13 year old with severe disabilities (Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Seizure Disorder, Visual Impairment, Hydrocephalus and Steven's Johnson Syndrome). My daughter can not have any antibiotics so she does not attend school and can not go to daycare. She has a tutor from the school that works with her 2 hours a day but other than that she is with me 24/7. I took a job as an apartment mananger because it was the only thing I could think of that would let me keep my daughter with me while putting a roof over her head when I left my cheating abusive husband 3 years ago.

    My doctor tells me that I need to avoid lifting things (HaHa - my disabled daughter ways over 100 pounds and has to be lifted and carried multiple times a day) and to avoid stress (I guess I could if he would dontate half his salary to me!) but I am a working single mom. Stress comes with the teritory!

    There are days when I feel like I can't get out of bed! One thing that has helped is that I put my pain meds together the night before hand and put them on my nightside table. I bought a small fridge for my bedroom so I can keep my milk in there and I don't have to go to the kitchen - I also have a supply of paper cups. I then set my alarm at least 30 minutes before I have to get up so I can take my meds and then stay in bed and give them a chance to kick in.

    I also always heat my bathroom with a space heater for a few minutes before I get in the shower. I kind of gives a sauna like quality and keeps me from having my muscles seize up from the cold when I get out of the shower.

    I also had severe problems sleeping. Once I fell asleep, my meds would wear off and I would have horrible nightmeres where I was being hurt (being torn apart by wolves and bats, being trapped in an airplane where people were stabbing me with knives, being pregnant and having someone kicking me repeatedly in the stomach and back). As you can guess the pain was intensely sever and my mind would translate that pain into horrible images. It got to the point that I was afraid to sleep for fear of the pain! As you may know - the less sleep we get the worse the pain gets (let me rephrase that - the less quality sleep). The two things that helped me were medications that are sustained release so they last longer (about 4 to 6 hours for me) and anti-anxiety medication. The anxitey medication helped to ease my fears about sleep enough that I stopped fighting it constantly.

    Getting more sleep has helped a lot. I used to go and go until I would litterally crash and pass out for 24 to 36 hours, my body just could not handle the sleep deprivation any more. Now I go months until I have episodes where I can't stay awake. I can usually stave them off until the weekend and they are shorter in duration.

    I also have asthmah (I can never spell it right). I used to have horrible attacks and used preventative medication in addtion to my fast acting inhailer (at least 4 times a day). Several years ago I went on the low carb diet to lose weight. I did not realize it for awhile but I had not been using my inhalers. With the diet, the need for them disappered! I had to search for my fast acting inhaler because I had not used it for over 3 weeks, and finally found it in an old purse. I stayed on that diet very strictly for a whole year and then the holidays came. I decided to take 2 weeks off from the diet (you know, all the parties, treats, candy etc...). Within a week I started having my astmhah attacks again!!! When I went back on the diet - they went away! I am not sure what exactly it is that triggers them for me but it is probably either wheat or sugar. I became a firm low carb beliver having lost 80 pounds, going from a size 22 to a size 10 and feeling better when I am on it (no heartburn, no highblood pressure, no astmah attacks). For 3 years I owned a low carb store and spoke with person after person that had the same results - astmah attacks going away with the low carb diet. I know this won't work for everyone but it is food for thought.

    Another thing to consider for your breathing issues at night is a C-Pap machine. If you are concerened about taking medications that may inhibit your breathing this might be an option for you. It gently provides a constant flow of air to you and is primarily used in people with sleep apnea where they stop breathing during sleep. You might want to talk to your doctor to see if it is a viable option. Sometimes they have machines that you can check out and try for up to 2 weeks. This can give an idea if it would be worth the hassle of getting one through insurance (if you have it).

    One last thing - a year ago this month, I got a medically necessary breast reduction. I was a size 10 in pants and wore a 36 HHH bra size. They took 4 pounds off my chest. This did not relieve all of the back pain that I was hoping it would, but it did help in the upper portion of my back and in my bra area. The surgery is painful and the recovery takes about 6 weeks. It was worth every ounce of pain for me. Since I don't know what your body type is - I have no idea if this would be a helpful option for you, but perhaps it might work for someone else who is reading this posting.

    I tend to write a book and sorry about that. I hope my story helps you a little. I have had several people tell me that looking at all of the challenges in my life makes them thankful about the ones in theirs. Not sure if that helps either. Virtual Smile. I hope you feel better, I hope I feel better too!
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    Thanks for the posts , they really help me to figure out a way to live with this DD. I too am on strong pain meds. MScontin ER 100 mg x3 daily, MSIR 30 mgs 4 x daily, soma 350 mg x4 daily,visteril x3, and xanax 2mg at night.
    With what I am taking I don't want to over load system so I am leary of adding anything more to my all ready large amount of meds.

    I am hoping that I can find a school that has deep end water arobics so that I can start them again. It would help with the weight and the exercise I need. The city I live in has an out door pool only so swimming this time of year is out of the question.

    Thanks for the explaning how the muscles attach to the bones and making the bones feel like they are what hurts. I did think of that. I also have MPS {Chronic Meyofacial Pain syndrome}

    I am getting tired of being unable to be touched or held on too I don't know if it is just my body , muscles or what but when some one touches me it hurts and I am of little use to Mom when she needs some one to help her in and out of the car, just her holding on to me hurts and she weighs all of 90 lbs.

    Some one wrote that I needed to get some help with taking care of my mom. Thankfully my Auntie from Canada has been here spending the week with Mom. It has helped me alot as

    I have not had to go over there every day and spend all day there with MOm nagging to get her to eat. Some how my Auntie can get her to eat a bit more than I can maybe it is because she is MOm's older sister not her daughter.

    I don't know how long this flare will last as it still feels like I am just as bad as I was a week ago. But i have to adjust some how. It would help if my girls would understand that while they think they know how I feel when

    I am in pain they don't really do. How can they? They are in pain all over their bodies 24/7 365 days ayear and I am . I want to be able to be around my grandbabies so I don't dare take any thing else to the meds.

    Thanks for all your posts and all the info you have given to me. Your support means a great deal to me , I would name each of you but I am some what foggy right now. I do thank you all for the concern you have for me...
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