Problem at work due to sound Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tantamay, Sep 5, 2003.

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    I work in an office environment, cubbies mostly; my supervisor is talking of moving me into an open area, where the noise is constant and loud. I have a sound sensitivity that can increase the sound to the point I get an agitated and cause headaches. I also have difficult concentrating. I spoke with the Human resource person and she stated that they could make reasonable accommodations, but if the business needs to be done in that area, then there is not much that can be done. Any suggestions, would be very welcome. Thanks

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    hi may,, boy do i understand. i also have a terrible time with noise. i was a cashier at a food chain, yea it sounds easy but because of the sound thing it was unbearable for me. with all the beeps, we would have to answer the phone and belive me it woyuld ring thru- out the store, then we would have to page whom-ever, plus take care of what ever kind of purchase there was. they knew how sick i am, the store directors wife has all this too. no, he would stand behind me and wait for me to get all confused and then embarass me right there at my register. i was taken to hospital more than once because of the harrassment they would dish out, you know how we are with the stress factor, well they played on it big time. i finally got fired, they said i missed to much time. i thank god i am not there anymore, i would of lost the remainder of my grey cells, lol. i was told i should of gotten a lawyer the minute they found out i was sick.
    i hope annd pray your employer is not as cold hearted as mine was. do you think your boss would read any kind of info you could print out?? to help them better understand.
    because we sure are not the last of our kind.

    i wish you all the best, take a deep breath,
    take care , kim
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    Or is your work more introverted (calculations, paperwork, etc.)? I'm fortunate to be able to, but I occasionally take sound-deadening earphones to work if I'm having a difficult day. They come in a wide range of price ranges -- $30 to $300. They do cut out some of the background noise. Sometimes I wear them at home...the noise of the refrigerator motor and AC hiss go away entirely.

    In addition, my son was diagnosed w/Auditory Processing Disorder. It is a recognized disorder by the state of Florida, and their Dept. of Ed. website has a position paper along w/a list of remediations for classrooms. If things like sound absorption panels, etc. are not feasible, our audiologist suggested having custom earplugs made so that our son can wear them when he has to concentrate.

    So far we haven't needed them (son changed schools -- acoustic situation different than the last), but I wouldn't hesitate to do it if I thought it would help.