Problem having pain in chest ( not heart )

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 16, 2003.

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    I am so tired and stress out and have been getting this pain in my chest when I take a breath it really hurts and it is in the front as well as my back. I jsut dont' know what to do. In my younger years I uesed to get this often it starts with this pain as I take a breath no matter how deep or shallow then I get this nasty dry cough it does not produce anything . The only thing it does is make the pain worse. How can I be in so much pain taking all these stiff narcotics . Like MS contin, MSIR, peracet10 soma , xanax and many more. I have enough pain meds to knowck a house into a coma for a month but for me this pain as I breath is really bad and i know that if I went to the ER tonight nothing would be wrong with me. my o2 would be normal there would be no rasping or wheezing in my lungs NOTHING WRong just PAIN it is at a 10 now and I have taken all my meds fornow so what do I do? IF I were to touch my strnum where my ribs meet it really hurts to the gentlest touch I hate it. It is the same in the back . Why can't I be normal and not have extra pain I jsut want to be a mother that is not in pain so that Ican take care of my family and get the house cleaned up and me stuff boxed
    up my house cleaned up so people could walk in to the living room and kitchen without tripping and falling. I want to be the mother who always has the house clean so everyone who drops be feels at ease but I am not that person. I start cleaning and then I have to rest because I amso tired and it takes me forever to get one room clean. I want to breath easy without pain and why can no one find the reason why I hurt when I breath my tests all come back normal so they send me home in pain then they tell me that there isnothing that they can do for the pain so I go home stll in pain.Sorry about ranting s long 'Rosemarie
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    I am so sorry you are going through this. I too, had a 2 year bout with horrible chest pain. The pain was so bad that I was sure I was having a heart attack. I went to emergency rooms and finally a cardiologist. You guessed it! They had no idea why I was in pain. I am in remission from that kind of pain right now. I also relate to your vision of the mom you want to be. My house overwhelms me. I even thought about saving up for a maid service to come in but I'd be too embarrassed to have them in! I hope your pain goes away (have you been checked for ulcers by the way?) and just give your kids lots of hugs. A big hug to you from me too!
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    Check out Kezza's post called "Anyone out there?"
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    I suffer from that kind of pain, my doctors thought it was a pulmonary embolism, apparantly it is not? I know it is horrible and frightening and i am like you in and out of emergency rooms.
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    I have had the exact pain you described for about a week now. It seems as if i have something tight around my chest and back area and the area just below my sternum is sore to touch. I don't know what it is. I was worried it was the combination of meds I'm taking but, from what I've read I'm taking what most of you are. If you find out any more information about what's causing this please post it. I'm sorry you feel bad but, I feel a little less scared now knowing I'm not the only one.

    Thank you,
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    We are in the same boat. Feb 28th mine started acutely thought had pulled a chest muscle. Chest x-ray and pulmonary function tests were somewhat positive for asthma but the pulmonologist said he would not give me that diagnosis as I "did not present clinically" as an asthmatic. He thought I broke a bone that did not show on x-ray so sent me for a bone scan. That was negative for fracture. So, according to the rheumy, we are back to a pulled muscle which follows the course of the diaphragm. VERY painful around the sternum and right through to my back, the sides are affected also, now it hurts to take a deep breath. When it started it just plain hurt to breathe, period! I am 58 next month and running around without a bra, (didn’t do that in the ‘60’s!!!!!! I am a grandmother for Pete’s sake. The rheumatologist wrote a script for Ultracet that will last me TWO years at the rate I can tolerate it!!!!!! The physical therapists have been working on it, that helps but I go once a week, in three-four days, it is pronounced again. Sorry I have no answers, at least we know we are not alone. Fondly, June
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    I suffer with costochondritis off and on. It is very painful. I spray the shower hose on my chest and that gives temporary relief.
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    i suffer from this times the pain is so bad that i can't get off the bed.heat helps- i also have found emu oil helps and there is also emu oil with menthol in it to produce heat. my rhumy told me it's part of the fibro.there isn't awhole lot to do for it.i try to read what i can and try different things.
    hope this helps you some.

    kathy c
  9. RedB

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    some years ago. However, not in my upper chest. Actually closer to my stomach area under the sternum.

    I have found that I cannot sit for long periods of time. At tables, in chairs, anything...

    I was doing a job at that time which involved sitting on a stool in an uncomfortable condition, and I think it flared up the pain.

    Making sure that I keep getting up and moving around constantly has helped me keep the pain away -- I'm not saying "work moving", but simply moving around.

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    hi all, does sound like costochond. to be so severe, but an often overlooked cause of chest discomfort "FULL" sensation, behind sternum could be an enlarged thymus gland, normally shrivels up to nothing by adulthood but will enlarge with some autoimmune disorders. (most people. even docs!, will give a standard response of "whats a thymus gland?) with all of the other problems we have, i think there must be some autoimmune thing going on! I had this picked up in an unrelated to fibro CT of chest, and many people never have a ct of chest, so could be more common than we think. I just had mine removed,it was 8x4x5cms, so no wonder i had that sensation. If my tests reveal myasthenia, this will greatly improve the symptoms i have had (theoretically), but now i am back to my normal level of pain. Docs and nurses could not believe that i felt this hardly hurt compared to the chronic pain i have!i told people i have a high tolerance but since i continually whine about leg pain, etc., everyone always thought i was just a wimp! So maybe next Dr appt, see if he will spring (yeah-they act like it comes out of their pocket!) for a ct scan of the chest. Hope you are all felling better! Laurie