Problem with my diet/exercise?

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    Long story but please read!!
    So on tuesday we went out to eat and i had chicken wings and fries and later for dessert we got ice cream. I felt very full and wanted to stop eating like this and lose weight. So I made up my mind and the next day(wednesday) I completely changed. I ate about a 1/3 of what I normally ate, and exercised pretty hard for me because I hadnt exercised in like a year(I did 50 push ups, sit ups, squats, jumping jacks). That night I went to bed with a slight twitch in my right foot. Thursday came around and again I ate 1/3 of what I normally do and I exercised with the same routine even though I was pretty sore. After my workout I cooled down then took a shower. That evening the twitching got worse, moving into both my feet and my legs/thighs. That night I could not sleep, fell asleep at 5 and woke up at 9. Today, Friday, The twitching has gone into my arms and hands but overall the twitching got better(less twitching in feet and legs, arms and hands maybe once in an hour). Anyways I tried to nap today, but whenever I fell asleep a twitch would wake me up. It's not until im completely exhausted that I can fall asleep. Also, on thursday I had this salad before I exercised which did not go down well. It gave me loose bm's and I had to go 4 times. Since then, my bm's have been loose. I've been drinking only water and Gatorade which has made me pee a lot, about 5 times today so far. My online research has shown that it is probably temporary low magnesium because of my tough out of the blue diet/exercise and my loose bm's. So what should I do and how long until this goes away? I plan on waiting it out until Monday to go see my doctor see if it might get better in these next 2 days. Again, the twitching has calmed down compared to Thursday, though it is still there and the twitching only happens when I'm resting like laying down and not when I'm moving around like walking. So is it low magnesium levels? How can I bring them up? How long until this gets better?
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    Most everything I have ever seen strongly recommends seeing a doctor for a full physical prior to going on a diet, then talking to that doctor to obtain a reasonable eating program and discuss exercise. The blood work will reveal your cholesterol level, tell whether you are close to diabetes (and if close enough or if you have diabetes, many insurance companies will put you into a class on what to eat, and preparing foods). Plus so much else will be revealed during a physical and blood work.

    Going from zero to 50 pushups is too much on any body. Starting slow on exercise and slowly building up is a good way to go. Eating wings and fries and then cutting that by 1/3 isn't a good answer either. And not all salads fall into a diet catagory and some are so calorie steeped that they are almost useless.

    The other big elephant in the room that people tend to ignore is drinking lots of water throughout the day. People think iced tea, diet soda, or Gatorade will fill in, but they don't. Also, when I was ill with fever, diahrea, unable to eat for days and ended up in the Hospital E.R. with dehydration--after I got home I was put on Pedialyte instead of Gatorade (I don't know why the difference).

    Please go to a doctor, get a physical and get a good solid diet and exercise program. You and your health are truly worth it and you'll feel much better for it. Expect the weight to come off slowly and that is the norm. Good luck and you can succeed.


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