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    Hi this is my first time here. I have a problem and was wondering if it has happenend to anyone.

    I fill my meds at Costco because that is the cheapest place I have found. I have been going to costco for the last year with the same meds. I have never been treated so bad in my life...

    The pharmacist called me and said that I needed a doctors auth. to get my one med. filled so I called and the nurse said she would get it right out to my insurance co. and to costco.

    I called costco the following day to see if they had received the auth. and I was told that costco would not fill my prescription and that she is on to my game as she put it. I was shocked to hear this and asked her what the problem was.

    I have been taking this med for 5 years and she said that she doesn't have time to argue with people like me.

    It was after hours so all I could do was leave a message on my doctors machine.

    I just can't believe that I was treated like I was some junkie. Has anyone been treated this way.

    Its awful and this person doesn't know me or know my medical problems. It really hurts to be treated this way..

    Thanks Roxyc
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    Where do these people get off thinking that they know better than your doctor. I understand that some people "doctor shop" to get meds, but are you filling them before the next date?

    I agree, go to another pharmacy, write a letter to the person in charge, and ask that your file be sent to your new pharmacy so you don't have to start from scratch again.

    I have to tell you... my first reaction was call a lawyer.

    It makes me appreciate my pharmacist even more.
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    I switched from CVS because the pharmacists were so awful. I go to Rite Aid and they are WONDERFUL, and my husband gets his meds at Sam's. If you have a Sam's, I recommend it. Both here in Richmond VA and in Tenn. we have been treated wonderfully by the phamacists. They are helpful and go out of their way to do nice things for you - give you advice, make calls on your behalf, etc.

    I would go back in the store and tell the manager, which is what I should have done with the CVS.

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    who work at these pharmacies because I use Walgreens and the first time I had Percoset's filled from going to the FM/CFS clinic, I was ready for battle. I sheepishly went up to the window and they were so nice and were like, "Oh, no problem." They never even batted an eyelash and the script was for 90 Percosets. I was so relieved. I told them about how some pharmacies are (from the horror stories I've read on here) and this woman couldn't believe it.

    So, I'm inclined to think its the individual. I sure would file a complaint.

  5. elsa

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    Dear Roxyc,

    I have had one run in with Walgreen's similar to your

    situation. I know you feel horribly embarrassed as well as

    angry and scared. I have a solution that worked very well

    for me. I'm kind of fuzzy this morning, so I'm going to

    list them.

    1). In your most polite yet business-like voice ( non-

    emotional) call cosco and request to speak to pharmacy

    manager. Once you have them on phone, tell them you have

    a problem with their pharmacy with potential financial and

    legal complications. ( Don't go into detail ) Request a

    face to face meeting with pharm.manager and the individual

    who treated you that way. Give them a couple of dates/times

    you are available to meet and have them pick one. If

    neither are conveinent, have them specify a date that is

    while you have them on phone. Get a confirmation then...

    don't leave this request gives them con-


    2). Do your "home work". prior to initial call. Know the

    name of individual who spoke to you in that manner, is he

    /she a licensed pharmacist or a tech.. Look in blue gover-

    ment pages of phone book for pharmacy licenes board. In my

    state this is found under Bureau of Manpower and Facilities

    health related board/investigation. Have a "letterhead" of

    your Dr.'s medical group with partner's names listed.

    Print out copy of hippa laws.

    3). During your meeting 1st address these questions to in-

    dividual who refused your medications. I don't see your

    named listed with my Dr.'s medical practice, have you re-

    cently joined this practice? When were you licensed by this

    stated to practice medicine? ( of course this questions

    will be answered in negitive ) Are you an M.D. and what is

    your license number? Not an M.D.? Now address this to your

    pharm. manager....your employee countermanded my doctor's

    treatment plan for me by refusing to fill a medical

    prescription designed to treat my medical needs. Your em-

    ployee is not a licensed M.D. It is illegal in this state to portray ones

    self as a licened medical doctor and by your employees

    documented actions against me he/she now faces serious

    legal action. Manager will try to run away with meeting at

    this point. Calmly keep him on track.

    4). Your employee violated the hippa laws by publically

    speaking to me as she did. Refusing to fill my prescription

    and making public what said presciption was, she violated

    my right to medical privacy. More legal problems...

    5). You are not the only pharmacy available to me. I could

    easily have my prescriptions filled else where. Lost rev-

    enue is lost revenue no matter the size of business trans-

    action. Also, reputation and the public's trust is para-

    mount to a pharmacy's success in any community. Your's has

    been compromised/damaged...

    6). At this point the manager is going to go balastic. Stay

    strong and let them vent. Stay silent...nothing gets a

    person faster then prolonged silence. He'll eventually

    ask what it is you want. That's up to you. What I wanted

    was a PUBLIC apology from the employee. She had no problem

    maligning me when I tried to pick up my prescript.,

    she had a big problem apologizing in front of her

    co-workers and other customers. (I did not want anyone's

    job and made that clear.) I also wanted/recieved an

    unqualified apology from the manager for the unprofessional and unethical

    treatment his pharmacy delt me.

    At this pt. my problem was resolved. I hope it works for you. If not, it's just the tip of iceberg w/ going up the food chain within costco, going public(editorial in newspaper), further investigating legal actions and reporting to pharmacy licensing board for BOTH the pharmacists and business licesed to dispense drugs.

    Sometimes the pharm.employees develope a bit of "God" complex. We have to approach them for our meds., hat in hand as it were. That is a powerful feeling. I bartended all throughout college and I tell you the big draw to that as oppose to waiting tables is that they had to COME to me and ASK...not me going to them asking how could I serve them. This is the same principle as some of these pharm.personel act upon. Stay strong, take a friend/loved one with you for support, and stand up to the bully in a calm a business like manner. ( I fell completely apart in my husband's arms in private before and after my mtg..) Whether you continue to do business with them after resolution is up to you. I still do business with Walgreen's.

    I hope this helps you. My husband is in medical administration and went thru the roof when this happened to me. The suggestions I listed came from him....he's well
    versed in legal/medical matters. Keep your chin up hon
    and keep me posted on how things work out. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  6. Toga

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    I am going to print out the information you give and keep it for possible use in the future.

    I am not on any pain drugs now because I'm involved in a Milnacipran Drug Study. But, I'm not going to get the drug after September and assume I will be put back on some pain meds. At least, I sure hope so.

    I have wondered how one should deal with this kind of problem.

    I have found that Pharmacy Techs and people who work in most Physician's offices think they a few levels beyond us. I worked for a while in a doctor's office and always treated the patients as kindly as possible. They began to ask to talk to me by name.

  7. elsa

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    Bumping for Roxyc......
  8. roxyc

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    Dear Elsa, When I read your reply to me I started to cry. I thank you for your wonderful advice. You are right I am embarassed hurt and angry at the way I was treated. I take oxycontin and have done so for 3 years perscibed by the same doctor and I have not ever refilled my script early or given Costco pharmacy any reason to think that I am as the pharmacy person put it ( you kind of people). I will do as you said and I have spoken to my doctor about this he is a well known Fibro doctor who has written many books. He says that it is caused by ignorance and by the bad rap the drug I take has recieved by the media and by those who do abuse it. I want to thank you and your husband again for the advice.. Bless you Roxyc
  9. TXFMmom

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    Go in and speak to the Manager at Costco and calmly explain how you were treated.

    Your physician prescribed it and the Pharmacist should go to hell,quite frankly.

    Then contact the pharmacy Board for your STate and ask for the process to file a formal complaint. This pharmacist could get into all kinds of trouble.

    As an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, I know.

    Do mention to the Manager that you intend to file a formal complaint with the Board of Pharmacy and with higher management at Costco. He/she will burn this pharmacist a new one, if you know what I mean.

    Do it now, be calm, sit down while complaining, have the information all written out and organized before you go so they can't confuse you or you forget things, and insist that they listen to the whole thing before butting in.

    If you respect yourself, then they will have to return it.
  10. elsa

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    Dear Roxyc,
    I'm so happy I could help you. I still cringe

    when I think about what happened to me with my Provigil

    prescription. It does make you feel so much stronger and

    good about yourself once you set these people right. You

    just keep doing what your Dr. says for you to do. I hope

    you feel better soon......PS....Husband says you are more

    then welcome and He's glad he could help....say's our

    battle is tough enough without adding idiots to the mix.

    God, I love that man!!!!lol

    To all others....thanks for the kind words. Please ab-

    solutely print it out....That is what this board is all

    about. I have recieved such good info. and help for my own

    struggles that it feels really good to be able to return

    the favor. I hope all is well with everyone.


  11. ilovecats94

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    We now use Kroger, but the pharmacist is a nitwit. We were going to change all the Rx's to Walgreens when it is open (is being built now). But after hearing some people talk about problems with Walgreens I now wonder.

    I wonder if I'm going to have any problems getting my Lortabs on 6/20, when my Rx is due. I'm not out of them yet or even running that low in them, but I have to get all the 5 refills before November 18, 2005. So, that means getting the refills every month whether I need it or not and just saving the meds.

    I was once treated very badly by a pharmacist at CVS, so moved all my meds to Hannaford, but they left the area and that store became Kroger, which is where we are still getting out meds.

    We don't have a Costco near us anyway. Sam's Club isn't near us and last time I was in there they didn't have a pharmacy, but that has been many years.

    Hope things get better for you Roxyc!

  12. Rosess228

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    I was not feeling great mentally, well all over this past week,weekend. I pay cash for my meds now and I am always trying to get the best buy and best med for the $. I am on narcotics so the judgment is present most of the time. The place that I live has no clue about the types of meds I need for these illness'(my doctor is in another state). There are abusers but that's no excuse. Judgment is so ignorant! Anyway, I had taken a narcotic script to Walmart, I usually don't deal there but everyone says they are cheaper. What a joke. They tryed to charge me a $100.00 more for the script that I usually get somewhere else and I had to wait over a week for it. They could care less I didn't take it and took my script back. I started crying and couldn't stop it was the "straw that broke the camels back". Everytime I try to do better it is worse. My mistake. I have been trying so hard since, I became ill around 4+ years ago. Trying so many alternative healing and different meds and vitamins and herbs you know anything that will help.
    I'm sticking with the privately owned, small town pharmicist that knows me and respects me. When I first got sick I was going to CVS they were constantly messing up and acting like the medicine I was getting was for "bad people" I have been to a lot of different places and understand how you feel, though your incidents were much worse.
    I am more outspoken now than ever and will not put up with any ignorance. Thanks for all of the good info and for listening. I feel much better talking to people that understand.
  13. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    It seems that CVS has come up lots on this post. I for one will NEVER use them again. I have moved all of my medications over to Winn Dixie (for those of you not in the South that is a grocery store chain).

    I find they are very quick, I never wait more than 10 to 15 minutes and most importantly they hire people who are trained to deal with people who are sick.

    CVS always takes forever, loses your filled prescriptions, questions you needlessly and does not do what they say they will do. I had used them for years and it was always once problem or another. The last straw came when on a weekend I had been to the ER and needed a pain med and an antibiotic filled. They did not have the pain med and offered to call another CVS to see if they had it and if so they would get them started on filling the RX. When I arrived they said they did get the call but did not know they were to fill the RX. How ignorant is that? I wasted my time in the other store, then my gas and time driving to that one. That was it for me!

    Anyway, I developed a pretty good bond with the Pharmacist at Winn Dixie by praising him in front of the manager and saying I was moving all of my business from CVS because of the quality service I was receiving from Winn Dixie.

    About 1 month ago I told him how my 80 lb puppy had gotten into my medicine drawer and devoured my prized xanax. He said that seems to be the norm for xanax and pain pills. So next time I needed to fill something I had my DH take that pill bottle and my inhaler bottle that was all chewed up and left it for him.

    I asked him last time I was there did he receive my little "present" , he just laughed, but still I did not want him to think I was bs ing him. We all know there are drug seekers and we all know that some times we are so misreable that we take more of our meds then they are written for.

    Still there is no reason for anyone to be rude to anyone!
  14. lvjesus

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    sorry, had to say that. Let me say there was ONE Indian lady who went out of her way to be nice and helpful. I went there that Christmas Eve praying she would be there, but of course she was not. Wish I had more gumption to have given that lady (and I use the term loosly) something to think about as well as told the manager (who stopped by to wish them Merry Christmas while I was waiting)that I was taking all my business elsewhere. Whew!

    I recommend Rite-Aid also if you have that available. I still love our Sam's pharmacy. I called this morning for my husband's blood pressure meds (he got it filled in another state last time so I couldn't use the automated service) and when I gave his name, the pharmacist said, "I think we know him :)" I said yes, I think you do! LOL

    He is fabulous. As a matter of fact, I am going to find the manager next time I am in there and tell him!

    Good luck! And let us know if you slam them like they deserve at Costco. That advice about a sit down is great. I love that line about lost revenue. I often think, why do they give a rip about my little bit of money, but the word of mouth thing is right on.

    You see how many people here said don't go to CVS!! Oh, by the way, in case you don't know, CVS stands for Customer, Value, Service!!!! HA!

  15. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    Sonya and I also agree that you should hunt the store manager down for the next person you receive good service from.

    You will feel great after doing this and so will the person and the manager. Plus you will get exceptional service from that person forever more if you do this.

    You know, someone should show the upper management of CVS this post, they would be horrified!

  16. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    Bumping to see if you ever got any satisfaction, Roxy.

  17. Cookie3

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    They lost my prescriptions not once, but twice, the same one. It was a big mix up when we had a power outage. They said that they faxed the request to the doctor and I called the doc's office and they said they did not get it. Then I tried to re refill it and cancell the previous request. Don't you know they had the prescr. filled and was there. So it looked as if I was trying to refill a presc. that I had just filled in a couple of days. So a few days later, I got a call saying my doc denied my request. I said, I did not order a presc. , they said ok and then a couple of days later, they called and said that my presc. was ready! Oh my God! They are horrible.
  18. matthewson

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    I only use CVS for my prescriptions and I don't have any complaints! I guess I should be thankful about that.

    I have had prescriptions for vicoden in the past and now soma and tramadol and have never had anyone bat an eyelash!
    Maybe it is because I live in a small town.

    I don't know what I would do if a pharmacist treated me so rudely! I would definately complain to the higher ups! No one should be treated that way!

    Take care, Sally
  19. baybblu

    baybblu New Member

    This happened to my 23 year old daughter a few months ago at a Walgreen's Pharmacy here in Minnesota.

    My Daughter Francine and I had just returned from a visit from the E.R. Fran had a bad toothache, We went into Walgreen's(this is the same store I use for all of my Fibro Rx's)

    Fran handed her 2 scripts ,Vicodin and a antibiotic to the pharmacist. Fran told the pharmacist that her husband was working until 10pm and that she only had $20.00 on her and that she would like to fill the vicodin and hold the antibiotics, and that she would pick up the antibiotics the next day. Well a few minutes later this lady came back and told Fran that "They like their customers to get both of their prescriptions filled". Francine said that she understood that but as she had just said and repeated she only had 20 bucks on her. Fran said can you give me a few of each of them then?
    Because I need something for the pain, thats why I went to the E.R to begin with.
    The Pharmacists said nope you can leave the vicodin and fill the antibiotic. Francine then started to cry and asked how would that help her with her extreme pain tonight?

    She told the lady forget it then Just give me back my scrips and I will go and get them filled somewhere else. the lady didn't like Fran saying this. She told Fran No one will fill only one script. I told her well I dont see the problem because I get 5, 20, 30 How ever many I want, so what was she talking about?

    Fran told the lady that the only reason that Walgreen's Or her made up that stupid rule was because they were getting stuck with expensive Rx's. Because most will get the pain Med and not the antibiotics.The lady gave Fran the Rx's back

    Fran called her out on it! Fran said don't treat me like I'm stupid, because I'm not!
    The lady told Fran not to ever come back into the store.
    while walking away Fran told her that she had no right to be a pharmacist so that maybe she should go and get another kind of job thats more suited for her rudeness.

    Fran and I went to another store and Fran asked the store if there was a Problem with her only getting one Rx filled they told her no there wasn't.

    Well that was a crazy day that I never expected to ever happen. I think some people have all that Power go to their heads.

    Oh yeah this lady Pharmacist at Walgreen's left to go to another one somewhere in Iowa. At least something good happened!