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    My physician is very open to alternative medicine, integrative medicine, and trying things not "normal" in conventional medicine. She sees a lot of patients with CFIDS and FMS; I've seen her for three years. (I'm 21 years old.) I love her as a physician. All of her appointments are 30 minutes long. However, my appointment in August was to review some test results that showed analyses of digestion, absorption, bacterial balance, yeast, and parasites. When I got there, she had only received the first three pages of the test results via fax. So, I sat in the room with her while she called the lab to see if they could fax the missing pages. They put her on hold, transferred her to a dozen people, etc. - all while I just sat there and stared at the wall. She never did get the remaining pages during my appointment, and she hadn't even reviewed the first three pages before I got there, so I had to give her time to read them for the first time, while I sat there and stared at the wall. Our time was then up, and I didn't get to ask her any of the questions I had wanted to.

    In my September appointment, we were to review some test results from the "Comprehensive Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ELISA/PCR Panel" I had performed by Medical Diagnostic Laboratories. Again, as soon as I walked in her office, she said, "I'm sorry. I didn't do my homework." She hadn't even looked at the test results before, and when she did, had a question about interpreting them. So, she called the lab, they put her on hold, transferred her to a dozen people, etc. - all while I just sat there and stared at the wall again. After 20+ minutes, they said the person she needed to speak with was out of the office. Once again, I didn't get to ask her the questions I had been waiting to.

    She told me to e-mail the questions to her. I did. She replied and said, "I am no longer communicating with patients via e-mail anymore. Please call the office with any questions or concerns." So, I called the office with my questions. Yesterday, I received a letter that said, "At present, the number of questions from you is unreasonable. We have a busy office and receive many phone calls everyday. Accumulate your questions and bring them to your appointments to have the doctor address them. If this is not suitable, we would be happy to refer you to any of several other doctors."

    I only had five questions for her, and three of them were "YES/NO" types of questions. Is this unreasonable or is her professionalism unreasonable? Legally, can she say I must find another physician and "fire" me as her patient - even if I wish to stay?
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    and more people are going to her than previously. Maybe the time between visits and labs being done aren't long enough. If you found her to be a good doctor for your particular problems, I'd just make sure a few days ahead that all the tests were on your chart. This could be done by a phone call to the office and talking with office staff. If tests aren't back, ask to reschedule the appointment.

    If I were you, I'd ask her if perhaps it would be better to scheule appointments further apart so that she would have time to review. However, many doc's review charts and labs just before seeing patients. The most efficient offices have nursing staff and lab staff that make sure all reports, labs, etc are on the chart and that the doctor has had a chance to review. It may be that the management of her office is a problem and not her.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
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    If she's enrolled in a HMO, doesn't she have to accept/keep patients according to the HMO agreement? She can deny a patient medical treatment because they "ask too many questions"?
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    Our PCP actually sent us a certified letter last year stating he would no longer be providing services for us and to pick up our records within 30 days. We were so shocked. We called and the staff refused to give any info. My hubby finally spoke with doc and he said we required to many referrals becasue of our multiple health probs and it too too much of his time. SO pretty much we were too sick for him. When we had our records transferred the doc sent us a bill for $35 for copies. I called them and told them they could bill me till the cows come home that I was never paying it. They were our records and not our choice. They finally stopped billing us. But on a happy note we have found a new PCP that we really like and things are well with him.
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    If you like this doc and have found her to be good at providing u with what you need, then have a frank discussion about some of the issues you are having. I see so many post about kick that doc to the curb or fire that doc and sometimes they must be warranted, but I beleive if you have worked with someone for years and developed a might be worth trying to work things out. if she is not willing, then unfortunately you may have to find another doc, but one that is so open to non mainstream medicine may be hard to find.
    best of luck
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    at my next appointment with her I would let her know that I do not want to ruin my relationship with her but I feel that I am not getting time to ask the questions I need answered during my ½ hour appointment when she needs to wait for results from the lab during that time. Ask her if she has a way this could be resolved because you really like having her as your PCP and do not wish to change.

    Maybe she will be helpful and see that you need more time to discuss questions that you have. I have never had a doctor limit the time that I have been in their office. That is new to me.

    Wish you well!
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    Hi There,

    You've written the problems out very clearly. Since you have confidence in this doctor, it might be worthwile to spend a 30 minute appointment mostly discussing your concerns.

    You can give her a copy of your email here--just your piece-- and wait while she reads it. She will have her own take on what's been happening.

    It's possible that the letter you received about them being too busy for so many questions is a form letter sent out by an office manager or someone, who has no idea of your history. Same with the email. Maybe she has someone screening here emails and answering some for her.

    Hopefully, she will understand how you feel. The best outcome would be open communication with the doctor. She may not even be aware of the negative correspondence you've received.

    If you still don't feel good about going to her, it's time to find someone else to help you. I would take them up on the references in this case.

    Good luck!

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    I say what's the point of her spending 30 minutes with you if that 30 mins is spent with her spinning her wheels?

    If she is this disorganized, but you like her as a Dr, then I'd suggest calling a day ahead of your appt to confirm they have all of the lab reports before you get to the office. If they don't make sure one of the office staff gets them before you meet with the Dr. If they still don't have them go to the appt, discuss your questions and then MAKE the Dr call you at home once she has all of the reports...
    It is NOT your fault she hasn't done her job and she shouldn't waste your time finding reports or learning how to intepret results during your visit. By having her call you at home with the results, she will then have to do it on her time, not yours. This will probably open her eyes to the inefficiencies in her office a little quicker.

    I would suggest you do this in the nicest possible way if you don't want to have a negative confrontation. Drs don't like to be challenged and can become defensive and then your chances of having a good rapport with them is very slim. So besides calling ahead to make sure they have all of the lab results, take all of the correspondence with you to your next appt and show her how their procedures have changed and it is confusing. Ask her to give you the correct procedures and you'd be happy to follow them so you can work with her for the best possible medical care.

    Hope you get it all worked out

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