Problem with right balls

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    hi, I am a male and I have some problem in my balls , it seems that their is some balloon like thing over my right ball, When I press it , I feel some fluid coming to my stomach, it cause little pain also . After releasing, it comes back to it the balloon like thing . Can u please give me some suggestions please .
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    Welcome to the board. Have you done any research? You could look
    on the net or at this board's "Research library". See above.

    We don't have any doctors here. Just folks with various medical problems.

    The swelling could indicate a lot of things. For example, a problem with
    the lymph system; a hernia; orchitis. Orchitis is an inflammation. Did you
    know the word orchid (as in the flower) comes from the Greek word
    for testicles?

    You're going to need a medical exam to find out what the exact problem
    is and what needs to be done. I had a swelling in the groin area about
    30 years ago. Hernia surgery fixed the problem, and it has never come

    Good luck
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    This is something which needs to be addresses by your doc. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie